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12 June 2017

Real Lives: connect with your friends

Callom Harkrader 2019 Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
Church group talking

Tell your friends you’re a Christian and that you go to church. Then tell them why!

Every year in Formation School, Paul Webber leads a brilliant exercise to help Christians think about what it is like for many people who are not churchgoers to enter a church building on a Sunday. He gives each student 50p and sends them out to visit a betting shop.

Speaking from experience, it is such an uncomfortable feeling. I wasn’t sure if I should even go in! I didn’t know anyone inside, I didn’t know what to do in there and I was very relieved when I left!

It can be really hard-going to do something that is alien to you. Recently we ran Try Church, an opportunity to invite friends to church to give it a go and see what, and more importantly who, we are all about. I hope you invited someone and I hope they came along!

But what if they didn’t come? What if you didn’t invite someone? Don’t despair. Keep praying for them and keep inviting them to Try Church! To be honest, not much was changed at Try Church from a normal morning service. I have brought along friends who don’t know Jesus but really enjoyed coming and would like to come again! But remember from the betting shop exercise: visiting church can be scary, so try to help ease the tension.

Another fantastic invitation opportunity is Real Lives, coming in October. This week of events will feature a number of great speakers, look out for more information soon.

Why not start praying for three friends to come to Real Lives? And why not start (or continue) to tell them about church, why you go, and inviting them to come along? If they visit during the summer maybe they will feel more comfortable coming in October to Real Lives.



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