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12 July 2017

Healing and Wholeness in Christ

Margaret Silvester Church member
Prayer Night

Jesus promised his followers abundant life and he demonstrated this in his ministry when he saved, healed, made whole, cured and set free those who came to him. People who came to Jesus received much more than physical healing — healing of the whole person.

In the same way, people are searching for healing and wholeness today. There are many alternatives on offer, but true healing and wholeness can only be found in Christ. The wonderful news is that Jesus is still bringing wholeness and restoration: changing the way we think, feel, react and relate to God and to others.

One of our church members has this story:

I grew up in a healthy Christian home, with positive parents, but for one reason or another I had grown to hate myself and the way I looked. I came to a place where I wasn’t even willing to look at myself in the mirror. As a Christian guy involved in all kinds of Christian service, I was ashamed and wasn’t willing to talk to anyone about my hidden pain.

When I was 17, I sought prayer ministry from a friend of mine, and he prayed for me, even though he did not know about this pain. He shared two truths with me. First, that I was created in the image of God and, second, that when God had created us, he saw that it was good. In one sense I knew these things from childhood, but the lies I believed about myself were stronger and they clouded this truth.

As he prayed for me I broke down in tears, as God the Holy Spirit worked in my heart to bring about the healing that I needed. I’ve been on a journey since and I often have to remind myself that God sees me as good.

When we come to Christ, we each come with our own unique history and experiences. Many come with deep wounds in their hearts and long-standing issues that don’t simply disappear when they’re born again. Some have sinned deeply and some have been deeply sinned against. This results in on-going difficulties which prevent them from moving into the abundant life Jesus offers. They are troubled with anxiety, insecurity, fear, rejection, negative emotions and physical issues for which there is no medical cure. The unhealed areas in our lives can hold us back from the freedom, fullness of life and effectiveness that God intends for us.

Jesus said that knowing the truth will set us free. We can only respond to the truth we know. This is the reason we are putting on three teaching days, which will centre on truth – truth about God and who He really is, truth about ourselves and the reality of why we struggle. We will look at old roots that bear unwanted fruit in the present, discovering why mind and heart often tell a different story and how lies, instead of truth, have become an integral part of our identity.

Our Introduction to Healing and Wholeness teaching days will be held on:

  • 30th September
  • 4th November
  • 2nd December

Each day will be at Above Bar Church and run from 9.30am to 3.30pm, with lunch provided.

God often uses prayer ministry as a vital part of the healing and wholeness journey, so aspects of this will be integrated into the teaching to prepare each one involved to become a more fruitful disciple of Jesus and be better equipped to receive and deliver prayer ministry.

To sign up, head to the welcome desk on a Sunday or contact the church office on or 023 8022 8275.





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