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15 August 2017

The Mark Drama: it’s spreading!

Andrew Page Andrew Page Director of Mark Drama
Mark Drama

The Mark Drama is a dramatic in-the-round presentation of every incident in Mark’s Gospel, acted out by 15 people from a church or student group. Andrew Page, who leads this work, shares some good news with us…

It’s a miracle. The first performance of the Mark Drama happened in Austria in 2004, and now it’s happening in 20 countries around the world. This is one of the biggest surprises of my life.

How it spreads

In all the countries where the Mark Drama ministry is very strong, it has begun in the student world: university student groups have started using it. Then more and more groups get in on the act, and before long local churches start wanting to do Mark Drama productions too.

This explains why the Mark Drama has yet to really take off in the UK.

Maybe 40 different churches have put on productions, but that’s a small number when you think how many churches there are in the country. The reason for this relatively slow growth is that UCCF: The Christian Unions has never really got on board.

But now that is changing.

What’s happening

From September next year, UCCF are beginning a project called Uncover Mark. This involves Christian students being encouraged to ask friends if they would like to join them in looking at 6 passages from Mark’s Gospel. They’ve already run similar projects with the Gospels of Luke and John. As part of this, UCCF has decided to encourage Christian Unions to put on productions of the Mark Drama. There are three reasons for this.

First, it’s an opportunity to invite friends to experience the whole of Mark’s Gospel in 90 minutes. That could be very powerful for those who are already reading Mark with a Christian friend, and others who are not yet doing this might decide to give it a try.

Second, it’s an easy invite. Students may well be much more likely to come to a performance if people they know – or at least other students – are going to be the acting team.

And third, there is so much power in the word of God. If you’ve been to a Mark Drama performance (and if you haven’t: why ever not?!) you’ll know that it’s every incident from Mark and that the Jesus actor says nearly all the words of Jesus in the Gospel.

How to pray

There are two main things to be praying for at this stage:

First, we need to find and train 20 new Mark Drama directors before next summer. These need to be people from different parts of the country so that every Christian Union will have a director near at hand who they can call on. And they need to have the right qualities to be an effective director.

And second, we need to work out how we can best train these potential directors. They need to get to know the Mark Drama really well, and they need to get to the point where they feel confident about directing a team. Because if they are not confident, the acting team will not be confident either.

So please thank God with me for this massive step forward in the Mark Drama work. Pray that we will get the right directors and train them well. Pray that many students will come to know Jesus through the whole Uncover Mark project.

And pray that God will get great glory.



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