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29 September 2017

Linvoy Primus - Real Lives

Josh Prior 2019 Josh Prior Media Coordinator
Linvoy Primus

It’s not often a person will have such a large impact on an institution that their name is permanently attached to it.

We have a room in our flat that we call Yugin’s room (in honour of its first guest) but it’s not a permanent fixture.

Ask for the old Milton stand at Fratton Park and you’ll be directed to the ‘Linvoy Primus Community Stand’.

The Portsmouth stand was renamed in honour of his contributions both to the club and charity work. His recent MBE was awarded for the same reasons.

Hailed as TalkSport’s ‘Nicest Man in Football’, Linvoy’s adult career began in 1992 with a two-year stint at Charlton Athletic. The career that followed was one of ups and downs, and involved plenty of self-doubt and rejection. It could have finished there.

Linvoy’s life turned a corner when a friend invited him to church. The journey he began there led to giving his life to Jesus.

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Linvoy is our second guest in the Real Lives week. You can hear his story on Wednesday 11th October at 7.30pm.

See you there!

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