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20 September 2017

Slavko Hadzic - Real Lives

Josh Prior 2019 Josh Prior Media Coordinator
Slavko Hadzic

You know the story. In fact, you’re so used to it, you know every step.

You grow up in a normal town, where not much changes. You go to school. You keep growing. You graduate from school, and still not much has changed in your town. You stop growing - at least upwards. You leave school to get a job, or go to university to get a degree that you may or may not use in the job you eventually get. Your home town is still the same.

That’s the story that many people can relate to. But some stories don’t follow that pattern. They are stories that challenge the norm. Stories that grip you.

Slavko’s story is one of those stories.

Slavko Hadzic grew up in the city of Mostar, Yugoslavia. As a young man he became involved in the local mafia - making connections with powerful people, becoming one in turn. When Yugoslavia was thrown into war in 1992, Slavko found himself in a struggle that tore the country he loved into pieces. People that once lived in relative peace now found themselves divided.

At the time when most teenagers are finding their feet, Slavko was struggling to hide his mafia life from his family, not sure where to place his allegiance in a war he could not control, and trying as best he could to keep his girlfriend’s faith as far from him as possible.

Like I say, it’s worth listening to.

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Slavko will be sharing his story at our upcoming Real Lives event, on Tuesday 10th October. You can find more information on our Real Lives page »

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