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24 October 2017

Logos Hope: Sharing Hope

Rosie Lynch Church member
Logos Hope - Sunset

Rosie Lynch continues her account of being a member of a group sent by Above Bar Church to serve on Logos Hope, a ship operated by Operation Mobilisation (OM). OM is a non-profit Christian organisation which aims to bring knowledge, help, and hope to hundreds of countries around the world.

As our programme changed due to Hurricane Irma, our group got the chance to help out in different departments on the ship alongside the rest of the crew. So on the Wednesday and Thursday, we were each assigned different places to work in, often for just half a day as we were told the work would be very tiring – especially when combined with the effects of seasickness we would be experiencing as we were now at sea.

On Wednesday, I was working in the galley, helping out washing up and chopping up meat for the following day’s meal. As the ship can often be out at sea for long periods of time, large shipments of food and supplies are delivered to the ship every few months, so food must be used efficiently to make it last. However, with three meals a day for around 400 crew members, the amount of food that has to be made every day takes a lot of work.

Logos Hope - Kitchen

This is the thing that most struck us about each of the departments on the ship: how hard the work is and how the rest of the crew take it in their stride. Even more so, each crew members pays to be on the ship and gets no wage for all of the work they do.

Some other examples of the work the crew do are cleaning all the bathrooms on the ship, painting the deck, sorting out the garbage room, maintaining the engine room, and general running of the ship. All of our team were exhausted after doing just half a day of work, so doing full days would be extremely tiring. Furthermore, the crew do this five days a week, then on one of the days they aren’t working they go on shore to do mission work in the country where they are docked. Their work ethic and continuous work every day keeps the ship up and running. Without this the Logos Hope would not be the success it is today.

The aim of the Logos Hope is to share hope. There is a hope harnessed in the people on board ship giving their time and dedication for however long they are travelling with it. Whilst on board, we spoke to so many of the crew members and hear their testimonies. It was amazing to hear all the different walks of life they had come from, and how in normal life they would never have met and become such close friends – it is only by their love in God that they came together.

Logos Hope - Group

One of the testimonies that most stuck out for me was from a man called Bogdan who is the first OM missionary from Montenegro. As a child, he was diagnosed with an illness that normally means sufferers are wheelchair bound by the age of 10, and few survive beyond 15. Not wanting to be stopped by this fact, he decided to try and do as many sports as he could, and at age 10 he walked 45 minutes to get to the Logos II when it was visiting nearby. It was there that both Bogdan and his mum became Christians. Now, 10 years later, he has been working on the ship for 2 years, and goes to the gym everyday, after overcoming the illness he was once diagnosed with. His aim is to continue getting stronger and stronger in himself and in faith. This is just one of the testimonies we heard from the hundreds of crew on the ship and each one we heard showed the movements God can make in our lives if we are open to Him.

On our last night at sea, we were blessed to see the most beautiful sunset which completely lit up the sky in bright pink and purple. Myself and Paul Webber and other crew members slept on deck outside as it seemed too good an opportunity to pass: where else do you get to sleep under the stars in the middle of the Caribbean sea?

The conversations, chances and connections given to me and the rest of the team on the ship really opened our eyes as to the knowledge, help and hope the Logos Hope crew give to everyone visiting the ship, and the huge impact they make on the lives of those people. It truly is a testimony to what people can achieve when their eyes and hearts are set on God.


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