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7 October 2017

Manoj Raithatha - Real Lives

Manoj Raithatha Guest Speaker
Manoj Raithatha

From the age of 15 I turned my back on God, placing my trust instead in worldly wealth. Who could blame me? After all my parents were struggling to make ends meet and so the only solution seemed to be taking control and choosing to one day be my own boss in charge of a lucrative business.

Some years on I would go on to realise my dream, making millions through wheeling and dealing in the buying and selling of off-plan apartments. I had started out small buying the odd buy-to-let apartment and renting it out. But when I ventured into buying off-plan things just snowballed. I had a queue of investors wanting a slice of the pie and within the space of 5 years had a business turning over £70 million.

Money certainly brought a comfortable lifestyle but the love of it started to play out its destructive course. There were times I wanted out but I felt I was on a treadmill unable to get off. Maybe the next deal would bring the satisfaction I was craving but it never came.

But then the 2008 financial crash struck and this coupled with the sudden illness of my son would bring a much needed reality check. As my world caved in I was forced to reconsider the idea of God. But would He even give me the light of day given my sinful mess? One way or another I had to find out.

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Manoj is our final guest at Real Lives - you can hear his story on Saturday 14th October, from 7.30pm - 9pm.



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