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2 October 2017

Real Lives: how will your prayers be answered?

Callom Harkrader photo Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
Real Lives - Roger and Fiona

I saw a quote recently that I will never forget. I cannot remember the speaker but the quote was, “If your prayers are answered tomorrow, how many people will be saved?”

When I saw it I was immediately convicted but also encouraged. Why not start praying for people to come to know Jesus? We don’t know God’s timings but we do know that big things can happen — and will happen — when we pray.

As Real Lives approaches I am intensely aware of my frailty and inability to persuade a single person to faith without the Holy Spirit working in their lives. Nothing big, nothing life changing, heart and soul transforming can or will happen unless God does it.

So please join me in praying big and bold prayers for our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Let’s pray for many people to come to Real Lives and that God would move in power each evening. Let’s pray that 10-14 October would be a monumental time in many people’s lives. A week that becomes part of their story of crossing over from darkness to life, blindness to sight, death to life.

And please, please, please come to the Real Lives prayer meeting on 9 October in the church building. We have been blessed to be a blessing to this city. But we cannot and will not do this alone. Let’s pray!



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