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8 November 2017

Real Lives: a confession

Andrew Page Andrew Page Church member
Real Lives Slavko

Real Lives took place back in October. Here, Andrew Page shares some reflections with us…

Here’s the confession: a few months before Real Lives I was dreading it. For starters, I didn’t think I was up to interviewing a footballer and a biosciences professor. But, more importantly, I felt really nervous about inviting anyone.


I now find that my heart is full of thanks to God for what has happened. Here are some of my reasons: see if they fit in with any of yours.

1. We had great guests

The five guests we had (Slavko Hadžić, Linvoy Primus, Martha Collison, John Bryant and Manoj Raithatha) were all up for coming and did a brilliant job. 40 minutes is a long time for an interview! But they were clear, honest and real - and they talked about Jesus.

2. It was an easy invite

I thought that since I was doing the interviewing/speaking on two of the evenings (along with Callom Harkrader), I had better do some inviting too. I was amazed at people’s reaction. No one spat in my face! Everyone (including those who ended up not coming) looked at the card, pointed to one of names and said, “Oh that looks good - I might come then!” And I think that all of us who dared to invite others found the same.

3. The atmosphere was positive

I guess what I’m thinking of here is that it didn’t feel hostile. Obviously there were people there every evening who wouldn’t yet call themselves Christians, but everyone we interviewed got a fair hearing: I think people really appreciated getting stories of real lives. And, what’s more, there wasn’t a mass walk-out between the interview and the talk! People stayed, and they listened - on all five nights - fantastic!

4. People responded to Jesus

I know of a few people who prayed the prayer at the end of the evening and turned their lives over to Jesus. Wow! Maybe there were others who prayed the prayer secretly and have started reading the Bible or calling out for help to the God they don’t yet know. In addition to this quite a lot of people signed up to go to Jesus the Game-Changer: who knows what the Holy Spirit is going to do in their lives?

5. It’s still going on now

A number of us have sent the link to friends who may not yet be Christians. I have no idea how many of the people I sent the link to (with a brief explanation of what Real Lives is) have actually listened to one or more of the interviews/talks. But I know of two people who definitely have.

By the way, this is something we can still be doing. Send them this link:

I could go on. (Yes I know: I already have.) Sure, there are all kinds of lessons we can learn from Real Lives, both individually and as a church. But we can also see that, despite all our weakness, Jesus has been glorified: there is already fruit for eternity.

So let’s thank God and let’s be praying for more!


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Richard Collins on November 10, 2017

“Really encouraging blog post. Andrew. I was surprised how well you did with a footballer! Shame on me! Really good interview and of course, Linvoy Primus was a great person to interview. Well done, brother!”

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