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12 November 2017

Your first impressions

Gerhild Haitchi 2019 Gerhild Haitchi Head of First Impressions & Office Coordinator (Sunday preparation)
First Impressions - auditorium

What does arriving for our Sunday services feel like to you?

  • You are welcomed on the door.
  • As you come upstairs, coffee and tea is prepared for you in the lounge.
  • The welcome desk team are there to help you and answer any questions you might have.
  • As you enter the auditorium more people are there to welcome you in and to look after you.
  • During the services an ambassador and a duty manager keep providing a welcoming environment in the lounge, and also make sure that you are safe.

Would you miss us?

Sunday services would run just fine without all these members of the First Impressions team. You could just arrive with a coffee you bought on your way to the church building, walk in through the open front doors and find a seat in the auditorium.

First Impressions - coffee

What are our visitors saying?

So why are there about 45 people each Sunday who, with a friendly smile, choose to give their time to serve you?

I suspect that you might have got used to this VIP treatment!

A person visiting Above Bar Church recently sent an email to me in the church office. Read through with me and see how a good welcome feels to them:

I visited Above Bar Church for the first time on Sunday (and came to both the 9.15 and evening services).

This is just to say thank you for the warm welcome I received from the welcome team and others in the church family who made an effort to talk to me. I was really encouraged and challenged by the excellent Bible teaching, and I thought the atmosphere/sense of people being real before God was heart-warming. I felt very blessed by the Lord to have spent some of Sunday with you.

First Impressions - welcome desk

Why we want to keep going

This is our team vision in action. This person came in, felt warmly welcomed by the First Impressions team and others in the church family. Her heart was warmed and this helped her to engage with God. She had a powerful and authentic experience.

God wants to welcome everyone into his family and we want to follow his example and welcome you into his family — the church family.

Jesus came to serve us and asks us to do the same. If we do what he asks, we let others experience a little bit of what God is like.

So we invest into God’s kingdom by showing love and serving others in simple ways. And we enjoy doing it!

We would love you to join us. Just get in touch with me:

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