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8 February 2018

GO Conference 2018

James Musson James Musson Ministry Leader for Communications
GO Conference - kitchen

Lynette Faith, Rosemary White and Sue Ward tell us about their trip to Mosbach in Germany for the GO Conference 2018.

‘We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached’.

This is the new mission statement of OM International, which motivated and encouraged 111 participants and 89 staff or volunteers, who came from all over the world to serve our Lord.

Some would be committing two years to missionary work across the globe. Some came to support the training. Some to cook or clean. And three ladies from Above Bar Church came to serve as kitchen porters!

We have many highlights to share with you, but I think we agree that ‘Mission Possible’ was the most exciting!

Those going into mission across the globe were given an amount of money to buy train and air tickets, visas and any documentation. They left The Mill (OM’s building in Mosbach) in buses to go on an imaginary trip, and returned to discover that The Mill had been transformed! They were greeted by grumpy immigration officers dressed in official uniforms, and taken through the process of entering far-off countries, which can sometimes be exhausting and very challenging.

There was a visa office, customs and other formalities to go through, which would have been disorientating for those involved. It was a test of teamwork and some failed! It was, however, a learning curve for all, and many would have realised that unless they worked as a team, just getting to their destination would be a huge challenge!

GO Conference - group

Culture Night was enlightening to all, as representatives from 20 countries took to the stage to share knowledge about their origins. There were plays, songs and videos which entertained an attentive audience. The UK was represented by a queue of people waiting in line, as we do! They were discussing the weather and other very British subjects. Some began to complain, and the leader explained that the British love a good moan! The conclusion of this play was that everyone went home for a nice cup of tea!

The workshops were varied and provided a great foundation for those going into mission. Balloon modelling, story telling for children, sharing the Gospel, sung worship, practical skills to support local communities, breaking through communication barriers, testimonies, suffering, poverty and pain... It was all in there!

In preparation for those going to work in poorer countries, there was an evening meal where the menu was decided by taking tickets from a bag. If you drew the short straw, you ate only humous! Activities like this were planned to give a true perspective of the hardships faced by so many around the world. There was also an evening meal with no cutlery, and staff reminded everyone to wash their hands before dining.

Following a fasting day, a lavish meal was put on for participants. Staff from OM lined up on both sides, just inside the doorway of the dining room, in black uniforms with red aprons. As people were welcomed in with a continuous round of applause, many gasped at the transformation of the room. Fairy lights adorned the walls and with candles on the tables, the scene was stunning. The three-course meal was beautifully presented, and we felt honoured to be included.

GO Conference - venue

As volunteers, we met each day at 3pm for bible study and fellowship. This was a great opportunity to relax and bond as a team. We shared food, great conversations and powerful teaching from speakers who had kindly agreed to spend time developing our spiritual awareness.

The language barrier was often challenging, with representatives in our daily meetings from six countries. Isn’t it great though, that even with this obstacle, God removes the barrier and brings us together? After all, prayer in any language is praise for the same wonderful God that we all have in common!

GO Conference - sung worship

I think us ladies would all like to be 30 years younger again, so that we could have the opportunity to serve with such an amazing ministry as OM. We were in our element however! The team had, in total, washed over 250,000 pieces of cutlery, and 50,000 cups and dishes in two weeks.

It was fulfilling and we felt privileged to be a part of the OM conference, serving for the glory of our Lord.


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