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12 February 2018

Mark and Esther Dimond

James Musson James Musson Ministry Leader for Communications
GO Conference - Dimonds

Lynette Faith, Rosemary White, and Sue Ward continue the story of their trip to Mosback in Germany, telling us about their hosts, Mark and Esther Dimond.

Mark and Esther Dimond (Above Bar Church Sent Mission Partners) kindly agreed to accommodate us at their home in Mosbach for this year’s GO conference. They made us very welcome and we felt privileged to get to know them better.

Mark is enjoying his job with Operation Mobilisation (OM). He works 50% in people care and 50% for STEP (OM’s Short Term Exposure Programme).

Esther is involved with social services, offering support to refugees. She also helps run the language café. Esther is due to finish her course in family education training in March. She has really enjoyed the course and feels that it has equipped her appropriately for the role she plays in supporting refugees.

The role brings many challenges, which Esther faces with compassion and empathy. She is currently supporting a single mum with two young children. One child is awaiting a diagnosis of autism and displays challenging behaviour. Esther visits this family twice a week and is helping mum come to terms with her son’s possible diagnosis. She also helps to set up health appointments and accompanies the family when necessary.

GO Conference - building again

Mark and Esther both had roles in the GO conference itself. Esther was the Chat Connect co-ordinator, leading a team of eight. Mark was part of this team himself. Chat Connect was a one to one provision for participants, offering an important service to those who may need support as newcomers to OM. Mark supported this service whilst continuing his two other, regular roles! Esther was also training a new recruit to OM throughout the conference.

It was obvious to us that Mark and Esther are dedicated to serving the Lord, and this often compromises their time spent together. Esther, by her own admittance, had taken on a little too much during the conference, and she had little time to herself, or to share with Mark.

We shared fellowship with Mark each morning before work, and on a couple of evenings, we indulged him in his favourite game, Scrabble! He also took time out to take us to a tearoom owned by an American, who served us a Cornish cream tea.

Esther loves to cook and is a wonderful host, going the extra mile to provide a meal to suit each individual. She shared a language faux pas she had made when she and Mark were first married. Esther said she had put the washing up to ‘dribble’ (drip dry), but Mark questioned the meaning of the word ‘dribble’! The conversation caused great laughter and gave us quality time getting to know Esther (and Mark) better.

Like many families, Mark and Esther’s four children don’t all live close by. They had an opportunity last October, however, for the entire family to come together for the wedding of Benjamin to Natascha. The family enjoyed quality time together, and Mark and Esther got to see all seven of their grandchildren.

Support Mark and Esther in prayer

Mark and Esther’s schedules are often demanding.

  • Please pray that they are blessed with free time to enjoy together and that they have time to relax.
  • Please pray that Esther is able to feel fulfilled in her tasks, but will also have the wisdom to know when she has taken on enough. Mark would like prayer that he continues to serve OM and is productive in his roles.

Thank the Lord for Esther’s passion with the refugees, and the support and love she is showing them through our Lord. As they settle in Germany, let us pray that the word of God shines through to the refugees and transforms their difficult lives into blessed lives, filled with peace and the love of our amazing God.


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