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8 March 2018

Ministries and missional communities

Ben Thomas 2019 Ben Thomas Director of Operations
East - Riverdene Park

It is remarkable how, week after week, we’re hearing stories of how God is at work in Above Bar Church. It feels like a week doesn’t go by at the moment when we’re not hearing about someone who has come to know Jesus.

Last week, a social worker was telling me about a training day she attended recently. Above Bar Church had been used as an example of how faith groups can be a positive influence on civic society, and how, in our cash-strapped climate, social workers needed to access support for their clients through charitable services – like the churches working together in our city.

John mentioned in his last blog post about the fantastic new opportunities that have opened up in the city centre over the last few years. We’ve seen fresh ministry and fresh openness, and have been able to start to meet needs of those in the city centre. But still we’re hungry for more.

We’ve recognised that our current structure makes it hard for us to meet and support those in need across the city as a whole and particularly in our local communities.

So, in 2018 we have plans to experiment with a couple of new ideas. We are seeking to explore ways we can develop new activities and support existing ministries, to meet the needs of local communities. This is across the whole city, but particularly in the east.

Watch this next video to hear John and Paul share more about our plans for 2018:

As well as these plans, we’ve started a new Keep Fit class connected to our English Language Café, and we’re considering accommodating a sewing class that would also have close links. Aaron Griffin has picked up some fresh ministry and chaplaincy opportunities at Oasis Academy in Maybush. We’re also looking to partner with Transforming Lives for Good in mentoring young people in Woodlands Community College. There’s much to pray about!

There are lots of new initiatives starting to flourish, and great ongoing ministry that has been bearing fruit for many years.

So let’s keep praying, serving and loving in the knowledge that God is at work and that together he is using us to make a difference in our communities and to see people come to know him.


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