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1 March 2018

Personal and community outreach

Ben Thomas 2019 Ben Thomas Director of Operations
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In Above Bar Church, we’re passionate about authentic, genuine community that is open, caring, welcoming, loving — and lots of fun. We want to be a community of people who share the joys, challenges and hopes of life with one another in meaningful ways.

But relationships like this don’t just happen by accident. Building real community requires actions and decisions that often don’t come naturally to us. We have to choose to be open, choose to get out of our front doors — or choose to open the doors to let other people in.

At the core of being a church together is sharing the hope that Jesus gives us with our friends, family and neighbours. In 2018, we want to be more intentional about how we do this across the whole city, but particularly in the east.

Watch the next video as John and Paul share more about our plans for personal and community outreach in 2018.

We’re also thinking a lot about the sense of belonging we can all share within Above Bar Church and how we can be better at helping people get connected with the church community. If you have ideas do let me know!

As part of this, we’ll be running more social gatherings, like the Above Bar Church Celebration on 6 May. We are also hoping to have a church-wide picnic in July and a barn dance in the autumn. Look out for these dates — because they’ll be lots of fun and great ways to get to know more people.

But often real community happens outside of these planned activities, so I’d love to encourage you to take some time this weekend to think about how you could do this.

Could you —

  • have friends over for dinner, breakfast or just invite them to join in with your family?
  • bring a friend to our family-friendly Latin Dance Lessons?
  • work in a public place and strike up conversation with those around you?
  • notice the needs of your neighbours and offer to help? Gardening, shopping or something else?
  • organise something social for your work colleagues, a trip to the pub?
  • organise a party or something social, and invite Christian and non-Christian friends!
  • invite someone to watch a game of sport with you? There’s rugby this weekend!
  • get in contact with the social action or student teams and see if there is someone you could invite over for Sunday lunch?

Why not sit down with your friends, family or home group and look through your diaries? What could you do together?

If you’ve been reading this blog post and think, “I’m already doing these things”, then please get in touch with me — I’d love to hear more and share your story.


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