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25 April 2018

Living your story: how Formation School helps

Thompy Wright Guest Preacher
Formation School - discussion

Stories are great. We love stories. They stir our hearts as well as our minds. They help us make sense of our world and our place in it.

God’s story is the greatest story ever told. It is written in the Bible, where his purpose, or mission, in creation and salvation permeates every sub-plot: Genesis to Revelation, beginning to end. This overarching narrative arc provides the true context in which our lives belong.

Our personal identity, the story we tell about ourselves to ourselves, is the inner narrative that gives a sense of meaning and coherence to our lives. Finding our identities within God’s mission also embraces an outer narrative. It means receiving and living in the grace of God and, subsequently, becoming channels of that grace to others. We experience the blessing of God in order to become a blessing to others.

Every good story has a climax, a crisis, when the hero experiences some huge upheaval that fundamentally transforms the plot. In God’s story, that climax is the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

Yet the story continues. The plot enters a brand-new chapter. We move from Christ’s resurrection to anticipate his second coming. It’s the Spirit’s story. He invites the church to join Him centre stage to make much of Jesus. We are to find our chief joy in God and to fulfil Jesus' commission to be and to make disciples. We participate in communities of people who live no longer for themselves but as an alternative society whose life together manifests God’s future for the whole of creation.

Their life and words proclaim good news for everybody everywhere; even in our often indifferent, sometimes hostile, world.

As leaders who make disciples within our churches, we are invited to write our personal and corporate small stories within God’s large story.

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Over the past six years, Formation School at Above Bar Church has helped more than 100 people, from over 20 churches, with their stories. Let us help you to live yours.

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Applications to start in September 2018 are open from now until the end of July.


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