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17 July 2018

Spain Mission Trip 2018

Emily Eldridge Emily Eldridge
Spain team 2018

On Monday 23rd June a team of 14 people from Above Bar Church will be heading out to Azuaga, located in the Province of Cordoba in Spain, for a two-week short-term mission trip.

We are praying that this will be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to reach the people of Azuaga with the good news of the Gospel. We hope to build new relationships, and grow previous ones, including the connection with the church in Peñarroya that our Sent Mission Partners Peter and Kate Knowlson have been involved with for many years.

Knowlsons - Azuaga

Please be praying:

  • that we will be able to build good relationships with the people that we meet, specifically the local people who some of the team will be staying with, as well as those we interact with in the various activities we will be involved in
  • for strength and perseverance while we are out there, as it will be much hotter than in England, so tiredness and fatigue may quickly become an issue
  • that we will quickly become acclimatised to the different culture as we will be staying in a small town and therefore the culture will differ significantly from that of home, so prayer for acceptance and understanding, as the culture shock will be different for each person
  • that the Holy Spirit will be working in the lives of all those we meet, as well as the whole team, and that our trip would be beneficial to many

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