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7 September 2018

Introducing our week of prayer

Ben Thomas 2019 Ben Thomas Director of Operations
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Not many people know that when I was younger I had asthma. I can still mentally experience that horrible feeling of not being able to get enough air into my lungs or even get enough out. In that moment my awareness of my need to breathe was so present, so terrifying. Suddenly nothing else mattered.

Our tendency can be to pray primarily when things go wrong, but in all the ups and downs our need for God never changes. I’ve only really ever been aware of my need to breath during an asthma attack, but the reality is I always need to breathe! And in the same way, each and every one of us will always need God – even more than we need each breath.

One of our core values as a church is “God Dependence”. Central to our dependence on God and our prayer lives must be the belief that we need God. We need his grace, his greatness, his goodness, his glory. It’s a belief that we need him in every moment, of every stage, of life.

Whether or not you are acutely aware of your need for God right now, we’d love to take some time as a church to wait and pray, recognizing our weakness and need of God and seeking him for the coming term.

Longing for impact: Praying

This Sunday evening (9th September), during our 6.30pm service, John Risbridger is going to preaching about prayer from Psalm 67. It would be great if you could come along even if you don’t normally come to the evening service. The service will have a slightly different feel as John will be launching a week of prayer.

During the following week (10th – 15th September) we’d like to ask you to invest more personal time in prayer. To help us do this, there will be a blog post each day to stir our prayers. The posts will be linked to one of Paul’s prayers and have prayer points for that day.

On 10th September at 8pm, we’ll have a prayer night at 69 Above Bar Street, celebrating God and seeking him for the coming term.


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