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29 November 2018

Christmas: it’s more than you think it is . . .

John Risbridger 2019 John Risbridger Minister
CHR - Mary and Jo (Large)

I wonder what comes into your head when you think of Christmas...

I asked that question to a couple of students I met on a train journey recently. I guess their response was pretty similar to what most of us would say: “Turkey, presents, parties, booze, crackers and Scrabble!”

Many of us will enjoy many of those things this Christmas – though for me Scrabble is more for enduring than enjoying! But there is so much more to enjoy at Christmas than that. It is so much better than we think it is!

Christmas is so much more than a party that finishes almost as soon as it’s started; it’s an invitation to a celebration that lasts forever and to joy like you never imagined it!

Christmas is so much more than a sentimental myth; it’s about the messy realities of a real birth in real history. A baby, who grew up to live a life in the real world. A life in which pleasure and suffering, friendship and rejection, acclaim and scorn are all intricately interwoven.

Christmas is so much more than a birth story; it’s about a person who lived, who died, who is alive today and who has changed history more than any other human being.

CHR - Baby (Large)

Christmas is so much more than a story about a human being; it’s about God coming to live among us so that we can live life with him, freed from all the things that mess us up.

Christmas is so much more than something just to enjoy for ourselves; it is about the best news the world has ever heard – and the more we share it with others the more we come to love it ourselves!

Christmas: it’s more than we think it is! If we dare to look a little more closely, we will find it is life-changing and life-giving, because it’s about Jesus, the most ‘alive’ person ever.

CHR - Wisemen (Large)

Above Bar Church’s Christmas programme is your opportunity to look a little more closely at the reality we call ‘Christmas’ and my prayer is that through it you will encounter this Jesus who wants to bring hope to your life and mine today. Visit the Christmas page for all the details »



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