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25 November 2018

Stepping into the gap

Ros Briggs 2019 Ros Briggs CAP Centre Manager
Hamper CAP

2018 has been another busy year in the life of our debt centre.

Our Christians Against Poverty (CAP) debt centre has been open for just over four years and in this time over 200 families have been booked with us and supported and helped in their journey against poverty.

Christmas is such a difficult time for families struggling to make ends meet. A recent comment from one of our families was “I don’t know how I am going to be able to get anything for my children and grandchildren.”

Imagine the knock at the door and not knowing if this is a bailiff (enforcement agent) – with the constant fear and pressure of bills that you can’t afford to pay. The calls and letters seem relentless. Often clients are afraid to open their post or open the door to people they don’t know. Some are fearful to answer their phones because of the number of calls from creditors.

Christmas tree & candles 2017

CAP step into the gap between creditors and our clients. Clients send the post to head office who will deal with the creditors for them and negotiate affordable payments.

But as well as debt management, our centre also aims to show God’s love in spiritual and practical ways. Would you like to be involved over the Christmas period? Here are three ways in which you could help:

As well as managing debt, some of our clients are also on a spiritual journey. The Bible study on Thursday is popular and there is a hunger to learn more. We also have some clients who have one-to-one Bible studies because they are struggling to get to church.

Could you help at a Bible study?

We also give hampers to our clients at Christmas, filled with treats and basic necessities. Our theme this year is “the Light of the World”. Imagine struggling financially and receiving a beautiful hamper with treats and food. Clients are so appreciative of the unexpected gift at Christmas.

Could you deliver a hamper?

We also cook a Christmas meal for our clients on the day of our carol services. We are planning to invite each one to the carol service and a meal. We want them to know that they are loved and accepted in church – and this is a great opportunity to be able to welcome them into our community.

Could you help cook or serve?

Our current volunteers find being involved incredibly encouraging and inspiring. Would you like to help with this exciting ministry over the Christmas period too? Whether helping with Bible studies, delivering a hamper, or helping cook a Christmas meal, we’d love to hear from you.

If you would like to know more about what is involved, please contact Ros – our centre manager:



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