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2 November 2018

Unwrapped: The truth about Christmas

David Couchman Guest Preacher

What comes into your mind when you think about Christmas? Is it just about trees and presents, candles and over-eating?

For many people today, the accounts of the birth of Christ seem like fairy tales. Even many Christians are not sure whether they are historically true – or whether it really matters.

'Unwrapped' is a new series of videos from Focus that explores why the Christmas story matters – and why we can be confident it really is true.

In 32 short videos presented by Callum and Lucy Johnstone, the series explores some common challenges to the Christmas story, some popular misunderstandings, and what Christmas is really about.

Focus will be releasing one new video every day, starting on 21 November and finishing on Saturday 22 December. Watch the trailer above for a preview of what is coming.

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