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13 January 2019

Prayer ministry training

Margaret Silvester Church member
hands (pastoral care)

An introduction to, and training for, prayer ministry, taking place on three Saturday mornings in January and February.

During the autumn term we were looking at the words and works of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark in the 6.30 pm service. “Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the kingdom and healed those who needed healing” (Luke 9:11).

When Jesus healed people, they received much more than physical healing. Some were forgiven, some were set free, cured, made well, made whole, and others delivered from the oppression of the enemy. Jesus is still the same today!

What is prayer ministry? It is simply healing prayer, which brings godly order into our wounded lives, restoring and transforming us on the inside. Debilitating hurts, negative emotions, and traumatic experiences in the past which have left deep pain in our hearts are prayerfully brought to God for His healing touch. Healing is not a quick fix. It is a journey of nearness to the heart of God, rectifying the distorted view we often have of Him.

Why do we need prayer ministry today? It is part of the sanctification process. It enables us to see and understand why we are as we are – sinful and wounded and unable to change ourselves after trying, often for many years. Healing prayer involves listening to a person’s story, listening to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, and pointing them directly to the only One who can bring healing, wholeness and restoration.

Sometimes when a person is prayed for at the end of a service they go away feeling blessed, knowing that their issue has been dealt with and they have met the Lord. However, for many people such prayer at the end of a service is the beginning of a new journey into the healing love of Jesus, who alone can help them to make sense of their lives. The journey may take some time and they may need ongoing regular prayer times with someone they can trust.

Healing is not a quick fix; it is a discipleship issue. Prayer ministry can be the way God chooses to enable a person to step out from being an insecure believer to being a radical disciple of Jesus, using the gifts God has given them for His glory and the extension of His kingdom.

I believe in healing prayer! I believe because true prayer ministry is a work of the Holy Spirit, who chooses to work through frail human people.

God called me into this ministry God 32 years ago. I have seen Him use it in many hundreds of lives in different countries throughout the world. People are the same the world over. We all have issues in our lives for which we need healing and ongoing repentance and forgiveness. In prayer, the hopeless receive hope and renewed desire to be changed – transformed in their thinking.

I have seen God use prayer ministry! This brings blessing to those humble enough to receive it, and glory to His name.

I have seen some people healed physically through the simple prayer of faith. I have seen God heal many, many people physically when hidden emotional wounds and relational traumas have been brought into the open. Inner pain has been manifest in the physical. Healing is from the inside out.

The result of most abuse is inner brokenness. Jesus came to bind up the broken hearted and deliver the oppressed (Luke 4:18). The healing of abuse – physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual or neglect – can be a painful journey with complete healing and freedom at the end.

One of Satan’s main targets today is to attack marriages and break up families. Christians are not exempt. I have been witness to the faithfulness of God in restoring marital love and healing a high number of marriages and families.

In all healing prayer repentance towards God and forgiveness to others is very powerful. It breaks a root of bitterness which grows out of destructive unhealed wounds in the heart.

We all need a revelation of the Father heart of God. Lack of childhood family intimacy and some of life’s painful experiences have left many Christians with a false view of their Heavenly Father. They know in their head what the Bible says, but information has to drop from head to heart for restoration to take place. Revelation of God’s heart is life-transforming.

Topics covered in the seminars will be some of the above as well as those mentioned in the sermons on Mark – shame, fear, anxiety, addictive behaviour, and freedom from oppression.

The seminars are for those desiring to gain an understanding of healing prayer for their own life and to pray for others in a team. It is also for those who have struggles and long-standing issues needing a way forward and God’s touch on their lives.

It is for all those who know and love God a little and long to love Him more.

The seminars take place on three Saturdays: 19th January, 2nd February and 16th February 2019, from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Everyone is welcome! Email to let us know you will be coming along.

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