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10 March 2019

Prayer day: Brexit and Britain’s place in the world

Richard Blake (LT pics 2016) Richard Blake Church member
Europe at night

Join the whole church in praying on Monday 11th March about Brexit and how it is likely to redefine Britain and its place in the world.

Through prayer Christians have the power and authority to seek God’s will and his Kingdom.

Our Christian calling is always to be salt and light – what does this mean now especially?

What godly values may be jeopardised, emphasised or created by Brexit?

Prayer for God’s Kingdom

  • Let this prove to be a great age for the Gospel under God’s hand. At a time of political and social confusion may many seek God’s wisdom and help for the first time.
  • May Christians be prayerful, engaged and ready to witness.
  • Let us be open-hearted, open-minded, unembittered, rejoicing in the Lord always.

Prayer for the United Kingdom

  • For just, workable and effective outcomes to present negotiations and votes (eg House of Commons decisions on 12th March and later in the week, and response in Brussels).
  • For peace to continue and thrive in Northern Ireland (whatever the ‘backstop’), and for the continuing integrity of the UK.
  • For those who come to Britain to be (and to feel) welcomed and well treated, not shunned.
  • For the welfare of all our people – with fair and compassionate treatment for everyone underpinned by prosperity, security and justice.

Prayer for our Continent

  • For stability and peace, with generous open hearts and fair-minded governments.
  • For maintenance of human rights and democratic liberties in the EU, proof against dangerous extremism of right-wing or left-wing populism and racism.
  • For good relations between UK and EU in a post-Brexit future.
  • For growth of evangelical witness across the Continent (remember the re-discovery of the Bible in the 16th-century Reformation – and pray for our present age with faith!).

Pray for the Churches – under the spotlight

  • May Christians be a healing influence in a divided society.
  • Where Christians disagree may our fellowships model loving respect for one another and differing views; may we be genuinely inclusive, and may we display and celebrate the truly international character of the global Church of Christ.
  • May God show us how to engage with the decision-making and opinion-forming processes in society, that we may be the salt and light of the Holy Spirit.





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