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11 May 2019

Prayer day: sent mission partners

Chris Matheson 2019 Chris Matheson Head of Office and Facilities
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On 13th May, join us to pray for our sent mission partners who are spread around the world.

Eddie & Sue Arthur

(working with Wycliffe Bible Translators, based in Yorkshire)

Eddie: Praise that Eddie’s PhD viva went well and that his thesis was accepted. Pray for him as he works on the minor corrections and works on turning his thesis into a book. From May 22, he will be spending three days with the leadership of AIM International, speaking at their yearly team meeting in Nairobi. He will be leading devotions, speaking about the future of mission agencies, and facilitating discussions. Pray for my preparation for these sessions and that the Lord would use them to build his kingdom in Africa and beyond.

Sue: Sue recently had a productive and enjoyable trip to Tana, Madagascar, to work again with the Tandroy translation team on checking the translations of Philippians and Colossians. It is more difficult to translate the abstract concepts within the epistles like thankfulness, faith, grace, and love than to translate the more concrete narratives of the Gospels and Acts, which have all been completed. 

Adam & Kate Collett

(working with The Navigators, based in Riga, Latvia)

Five friends from Adam and Kate’s church small group were baptised this Easter Sunday. Please pray for Undīne, Monta, Helena, Mārtiņš & Laime, that they would continue to grow in their relationship with God. And for their friends and family who came to the service.

Opportunities for growth: For a few weeks Kate (and occasionally Adam) has been spending time with the organisation ‘Hope for Children’, helping with some planning and administrative work in their office and at one of the children’s day centres in Riga. It has been a good challenge for Latvian language and also a joy to be able to use some of her skills from previous job/experiences. Praise God for his provision of this opportunity and for the privilege it is to be working with these young lives.

Adam wil be playing in the worship band from Above Bar Church at the European Leadership Forum from Saturday 18th to Thursday 23rd May.

David & Judy Couchman

(Focus Media, based in Abingdon)

David is back at work after his sabbatical. This was a good opportunity to step back from the routine busy-ness of work, and to think and pray.

Please pray that David will settle back quickly into the flow of things. He has started work on a new series of videos, on the problem of ethnic cleansing in the Bible (the killing of the Canaanites). Pray that this will go well.

Mark & Esther Dimond

(working with OM Ships, based in Mosbach, Germany)

Chat Café: give thanks for increasing level of interest. Around 20 ladies (refugees or other immigrants) come each Monday morning. Pray for funding and developing friendships.

Logos Hope: in dry-dock in Montevideo - give thanks for a good start. Pray for: safety and good progress; for many teams in different countries; for new STEP group joining 21 May.

People Care Course: pray for the participants and the staff team as they prepare for the next course in Hungary, 26 May – 2 June.

Aaron & Lois Dolman

(working with Chinese people, based in Southampton)

Pray for Aaron embarking on the next chapter starting a charity. Pray for Lois as she continues to apply for jobs and has interviews. For Olivia as they try and help her catch up, in particular with maths and spelling. Ask God that he would make them a blessing and encouragement to those around them.

Beks Hayes

(AWM-Pioneers UK, based in the Middle East)

Beks is in the UK until early June, based between Southampton and Cardiff and traveling to various other places:

  • Southampton: 12–16 May
  • Poland (European Leadership Forum): 17–23 May
  • Cardiff: 24–27 May
  • Southampton: 28 May – 5 June

Pray for a good response and growing support.

Pray for Beks finalising when she will head back to the Middle East: she anticipates it will be around the second week of June. Pray for God to open the right door.

Poul & Carol Joensen

(working with New Tribes Mission, based in UK/Papua New Guinea)

Poul had a good trip to PNG. He’s since been involved in various things and teaching at the Bible College. Now he’ll continue Sorimi Bible translation. He returned to UK at the end of March and continues with Sorimi Bible translation, preparing for a final check with the consultant on his next trip, which is tentatively scheduled for October or November.

Poul & Carol helped at their recent conference with 200+ young people. Carol had spent the previous month co-ordinating a village simulation for the visitors to interact with so that they could learn how missionaries teach the Bible and literacy, and do translation. Pray that individuals will be challenged by their time and in their personal walk with God, and discern whether they can pray for, support, or get involved in missions.

Peter & Kate Knowlson

(working with European Christian Mission International, based in Peñarroya & Azuaga, Spain)

Peter and Kate are in the UK this week for an ECM conference, which starts on Wednesday 15th May. They are facing significant change as their co-worker Chloë plans to move on this summer. Peter is looking at other ministry opportunities whilst trying to ensure the on-going work in the valley and in Azuaga. Please pray for good investment of their lives in people in the church, in the seminary, and in the mission. Praise God for another believer (Loli) who has arrived at the church; she is an answer to their prayers.

European Christian Mission is looking for a new International Director for January next year. Please pray for this appointment and the candidacy programme of interviews.

Steve & Debs McClure

(working with The Navigators, based in Southampton)

Steve and Debs give thanks for a really good end to last term. The Emerging Leaders day conference they ran in the New Forest was well attended and positively received by students from across England. Please pray for the momentum they have had to continue.

Norway 2019: plans for their summer programme are coming together for July/August. Thank God for the beginnings of a team forming and ask for another great mix of people from across Europe and further afield to come. In particular they would love to have a handful from the ministry in Southampton.

Becca Taylor

(working with the The Navigators, based in Loches, France)

The leadership is changing slightly in Loches. Becca will be one of four on the new leadership team and responsible for evangelism. Please pray for this new team and for a suitable pastor to join them in time. Becca has had a run of ill health, pray for renewed strength.

Over the eight years Becca has been in Loches, she has made good friends only for them to leave after one or two years, to move and work elsewhere. Please pray for her to develop good friendships that last for a bit longer than just a year.

Tony & Jane Watkins

(working with Damaris Norway & The Lausanne Movement, based in Southampton)

Tony is starting a new phase of his doctoral research, focusing on media rather than the prophets. Pray that he would quickly discover good links between the two and identify the most useful literature. Pray for him producing material for a Lausanne Media Engagement Network and Technology Network joint gathering in June.

Tony is doing an interview for an American podcast on Monday 13th May about atheist British writer Philip Pullman. Pray that this will be useful to people. He will be at the European Leadership Forum from Saturday 18th May to Thursday 23rd May. Pray for his preparation for the speaking he is doing, and that the material would be very helpful for those who are in the sessions. 

Pray for Jane preparing for a two-month sabbatical this summer, and that is would be a time of rest, restoration, and new insights as she visits other churches to discover how they do family and children’s ministry.

Zillah Whitehouse

(working with AIM International, based in Mbarara, Uganda)

Zillah is thankful for the encouragements she has had with her physiotherapy work. They now have 90 students and 22 have graduated. Zillah is also on the leadership team of St. Luke’s Chapel mainly involved with students/young professionals and the various courses that have been running. Please pray for Zillah and all she is involved in.

For more information, visit our sent mission partners page.


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