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23 May 2019

Transforming serving

Ben Thomas 2019 Ben Thomas Director of Operations
Celebration 2018 - group outside field

“We want an energising vision for transforming service of Jesus! Service sustained by a worshipping heart; enriched by healthy teams; deeply fulfilling as we use our gifts; fired by passion for Jesus.” (John Risbridger)

On Sunday 19th May, we considered a fresh vision for transforming service. John spoke from Romans 12 encouraging us to begin with worship, watch our attitude, use our gifts and nurture our passion. If you weren’t able to be with us on Sunday do listen here or watch on YouTube.

We’re so grateful to the many, many people God is using in the life of the church and city. We want to honour what God and his people are doing already but also look to the future at a point of expanding vision.

We have a vision to reach across our city and as part of that we are preparing to launch Above Bar Church | East. In order to make an East weekly Sunday gathering sustainable we will need at least 8 people to help in crèche, 12 in GSMA, 2 in Youth, 8-10 to help with music, 6 on PA/AV, 10 with First Impressions and 8 on set up.

We’re aware that a number of people who are serving at Above Bar Church | City will move their service to the East, leaving gaps in the city for others to step into! At this point we know we’ll need more First Impressions hosts, Ambassadors and duty managers, there will be 10 members of the children’s team coming of rotas in the city; and around 6 from the music team.

Our vision for city centre ministry is also critical. There is huge potential to build our United Parents ministry for single parents – unique in the whole of Hampshire – but we need people with a heart to support them and critically, people to work with their children and young people, many of whom would otherwise have no link to church.

A growing church means a growing number of people to care for and support and so we want to take steps to strengthen our Pastoral Care Team. We heard recently about CAP's expanding ministries and there are great opportunities for new befrienders there. We also stand at a point where we would love to build our ministry to older people but we urgently need people with the vision and heart to invest in this ministry.

There is much that we believe God is calling us to and a sense that he is stretching us and calling us forward in faith – we’re excited about this journey and you can be part of the story too!

This week could you take a step to say, “I’m in”? Perhaps spend some time this week:

  • Prayerfully considering: where you could serve?
  • What are your gifts at this time in your life? How might God want to use them?
  • Ask others who know you well for their insights on your spiritual gifts.
  • Pray that God would continue to bless the various groups and organizations within the church, as well as those who serve with them.

If you would like to know more about a certain group or to express an interest in serving, complete this form or contact the Church Office.


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