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4 May 2019

Why give a year to grow as a servant leader?

Tom Wederell 2019 Tom Wederell Head of Student Ministry
Transform Workers (Transformers) 2018

The wonderful people you’re about to hear from are just three of thirty who have spent a year on the Transform programme.

Throughout their year they invested in themselves as Christian leaders by serving in a range of church ministries and working part time. They also studied at Formation School, a course to train Christians from the local area in discipleship and mission. Here are their reflections on their year.

Lucy Johnstone

Transform - Lucy JohnstoneWhy did you apply for Transform in the first place?

My husband and I were thinking about moving into jobs in a Christian setting in the future, so I was looking for something part time that would give me experience in that area, which would also allow to carry on my current job part time. I heard about Transform and it was perfect because it encourages you to have a part-time job alongside serving in the church.

What highlights do you have from the year?

I learnt a lot about myself. I loved that Transform encouraged us to understand the passions God had given me, our different personality types, my strengths, my weaknesses, and it provided support through mentors and pastoral retreats to be able to discuss that with someone.

It helped me to know God better, to spend more time going deeper into how great his love is and what a good Father He is to us.

I loved that it provided a safe environment to step out of my comfort zone and do things that terrify me (like public speaking) and see how God loves to use broken, imperfect people like me.

What impact has it made to your life/work since doing it?

I’ve learnt many practical and relational skills that have helped in the workplace, but the most important thing has been growing closer to God and getting to know Him better.

Dan Jeremy

Transform - Dan JeremyWhy did you apply for Transform in the first place?

I originally applied to Transform for a number of reasons: I wanted to see what it was like working for a church, as full-time ministry was something I was considering; I wanted to get to know more of the church and more of the church family; and I wanted to give a year of my life to serve God and His people, whilst having the chance to connect with everyday people through my part-time job.

What highlights do you have from the year?

My biggest highlight was probably the student weekend away. After it being cancelled the first time due to snow, it was able to be rearranged to the very next weekend, which was nothing short of a miracle.

What impact has it made to your life/work since doing it?

The biggest impact that Transform has made to my life and work since is in the knowledge of who Jesus is. I can be confident of my faith in all settings and scenarios. My relationship with God grew so much over my year in Transform and it set me up so well for a future with God at the centre.

Beth Devonish

Transform - Beth DevonishWhy did you apply for Transform in the first place?

I applied for Transform because I wanted to explore what it meant to give back to my church family who had given me so much; to learn what it meant to serve God practically with my time and my life.

What highlights do you have from the year?

A highlight for me was getting to meet and serve alongside a range of people in the church. The opportunities this gave me were vast: from leading GSMA to speaking at the youth end-of-year BBQ to making prayer list phone calls.

What impact has it made to your life/work since doing it?

All of this has equipped me for what I’m doing now - working with students in Above Bar Church. I was prepared well for my future by doing Transform.

If you’d like to consider doing Transform, or you know of someone who might, you can find the application and more information on our Transform page. The deadline for applications is Saturday 11th May 2019.



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