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10 September 2019

Meeting our new Transform workers

Tom Wederell 2019 Tom Wederell Head of Student Ministry
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At the start of September, we welcomed four new Transform workers to Above Bar Church. Let’s meet them!

Jonathan Joensen

Jonathan Joensen (blog)I’m Jonathan, an “MK” (Missionary Kid); my parents are Sent Mission Partners with Above Bar Church. I grew up in Papua New Guinea, which was a great experience and challenge in my life. At age 13, our family returned to UK, living at New Tribes Mission campus.

I enjoy working with people and have had various opportunities with youth clubs this year. I also enjoy graphics design, creativeness and outdoor activities.

I look forward to getting to know the church which supported my family all these years as well as learning new things where I can be involved and growing closer to God as He shows me what’s in store for me next in life. 

Megan Cooper

Meg Cooper (blog)I’m Megan and I’m from Essex. I’ve just graduated from the University of Kent in Canterbury with a degree in Social Policy.

I’m really looking forward to starting Transform in September, and I’m particularly excited about the opportunity to grow in my understanding and knowledge of God’s word.

I’m also really looking forward to getting involved in the social action ministry, as well as the student work at Above Bar Church.

Jonny Rogers

Jonny Rogers (blog)Born and raised in Buckinghamshire, I moved to Southampton three years ago to study film and philosophy, where I have been actively involved in the Christian Union and Just Love societies.

Beyond my chosen academic disciplines, I have a passion for photography, video games, contemplative literature and comic books, and would never say no to a good green tea.

I am looking forward to working with a church that intentionally invests in its community, helping students to question and explore what it means to live for Christ.

Ben Colclough

Ben Colclough (blog)As a new Transformer, I’m looking forward to developing my relationship with God and I’m particularly excited for the opportunity to work closely with the church community and to deepen relationships with my Christian family in Southampton.

Having finished university and not felt a great desire to enter any particular secular job, I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what God has planned for my future and believe that Transform will help me to put God’s gifts to good use.

Find out more about our Transform programme here »



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