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19 September 2019

Top six reasons for using Uncover

Callom Harkrader 2019 Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
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This past Sunday we looked at Mark 4 and how God grows his Kingdom through the sharing of His Word.

This autumn in home groups we are doing a seeker Bible study called Uncover Mark and it is my prayer that for many of you this becomes an item on your tool belt for sharing Jesus with others.

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Here are my top six reasons why I think Uncover Mark is a brilliant tool we should familiarise ourselves with and pray for opportunities to use in the days, months and years to come.

  1. It is Biblical. It focuses both the Christian and the non-Christian in God’s Word, which is powerful.
  2. It is Jesus-centred. “Have you ever actually looked at the primary sources about Jesus?” is a question you can ask a friend. It is a great one. Before you judge Jesus, why don’t you look at his bios?
  3. It is easy. The question and materials are already prepared. You just meet with people, 1-2-1 or groups, and look at it together over coffee, a pint, or a meal! No preparation necessary. There are also videos and other materials you can use on the Uncover website as well. It can also be used at work!
  4. It is relational. The idea of Uncover is actually not that the Christian leads it and speaks a lot, but rather you have a discussion and see what the Holy Spirit does. You explore together as friends, which is more attractive for both parties!
  5. It is high quality. Uncover Mark is especially high quality. It looks and feels aesthetically pleasing. If you give it to a friend it seems very valuable. There also many extra videos, flyers and other resources around Uncover Mark which are excellent.
  6. It works! Uncover has been incredibly successful in the university setting and in our own church. One person in church has been doing Uncover with a friend from her university days. Her friend recently said, “Jesus was really radical!” I also have had the privilege of seeing a man – week by week as we met and chatted through the discussion questions – fall in love with Jesus.

God works through His Word!

Email to join an Uncover group, or contact your homegroup leader if you are part of a homegroup at the moment.

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