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29 October 2019

Real Lives

Callom Harkrader 2019 Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
Real Lives guest lineup 2019

There is so much to thank God for after this past Real Lives!

Each night was packed with a great amount of non-Christians who had come off the back of invites from their friends. 12 Uncover Marks were taken by non-Christians (a few of those taken by Christians to give to a non-Christian). All four guests were incredibly different and yet shared their faith winsomely and with conviction. And our new neutral venue, Revolución de Cuba, made a great atmosphere (and great halloumi tacos!).

We also changed the format a bit in each evening with no talk and other adjustments based around the guest and their expertise. This was partly to try and reach people farther back in a journey to faith who might not be ready to come to church or be “preached” to. 

Comedian Paul Kerensa did stand-up and an interview, apologist and scientist Sharon Dirckx did an interview and Q&A. This seemed to work very well and made for quality evenings. I only wish more of my friends had come but all we can do is invite. So well done to everyone who invited people and their friends came, and well done everyone who invited and their friends did not come. Keep praying. Keep loving. Keep inviting! 

Real Lives Youtube reminder

All four evenings can be watched on our YouTube channel. Do share them with friends and family you think would be interested. 

And please do be praying for the seeds that have been sown. Pray especially for us as a church and as individuals to be following up with people who came. Pray for people who took Uncover Mark to read it and meet Jesus! 



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