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10 October 2019

Real Lives starts on Sunday!

Callom Harkrader 2019 Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
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Next week begins Real Lives 2019. On Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings we will have four evenings of interviews and testimonies from four unique guests. 

Sunday evening will be at Above Bar Church in place of the evening service with the exact same timings (6-7:30pm).

Tuesday through Thursday will be just up Above Bar Street on the first floor level of the restaurant Revolucion de Cuba. Each evening the doors will open at 7pm and the event will start at 7.30pm and finish at 9pm. (Note: some of the cards published for these evenings say 6-8pm. That is incorrect!) There will be nibbles and a staffed bar. It is a beautiful location and a great venue for those of our friends and colleagues who perhaps aren’t ready to walk into a church.

But what about the guests?! Sunday evening will be a two-part interview of Rahil Patel. Rahil was a priest in the most influential Hindu group in the world. In charge of the congregations in all of Europe and Russia, and also speaking regularly in the U.S., he was a rising star of his faith. But he kept remembering the voice he heard in his ear one month into his training as a priest: “Are you sure you’ve made the right decision?” Come along Sunday evening to hear the rest and also his answers to some big questions around truth, faith, and world religions. Share on Facebook »

Tuesday evening promises to be entertaining! Paul Kerensa, a comedian and writer who has written for Miranda and Top Gear, will do stand-up before being interviewed about his life, faith, and how that blends with comedy. Share on Facebook »

Wednesday night we have the brilliant Dr. Sharon Dirckx. Sharon has a doctorate in brain imaging science from Cambridge and speaks regularly on topics of science and belief in God in her role as a Christian apologist with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and the Zacharias Trust. She will be briefly interviewed, then speak on God and Science, and then there will be Q&A! Share on Facebook »

Thursday evening our guest is Warner Miller, an actor and youth pastor based in New York. Warner has acted in Netflix’s Luke Cage as the villain Tone as well as alongside Denzel Washington in American Gangster. Warner will be interviewed in two parts about his journey to faith, acting, and his passion for what he believes in his heart making sense in his mind. Share on Facebook »

I am so excited for the diversity of these guests and yet their common thread of loving Jesus. Please do come along and be praying for these events. Also, please do invite someone to come along with you!  

Watch the videos for this year’s guests on our Real Lives page »



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