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10 November 2019

Praying for our nation

Alison Risbridger (LT pics 2016) Alison Risbridger Ministry Assistant
Southampton Above Bar Street from above

Monday 11th November is our prayer day, focusing on prayer for our nation. Use the sections below to guide your prayers throughout the day.

Praying for our nation’s political life

  • Pray for more Christians to enter into the political sphere and for the Christian MPs now fighting for their seats. Pray that there will be Christians able to influence the corridors of power in Westminster.
  • Pray for an honest election fought on facts, for honesty, respect and courtesy at hustings events; for integrity of party leaders, strategists and activists.
  • Pray for people of truth, justice and compassion in the new government. Pray that they will bring national harmony by considering the needs of the whole country and making decisions that reflect the people they serve rather than their own interests. Pray for effective policies to tackle the real and pressing needs in our society.
  • Pray for an acceptable and peaceful outcome to Brexit.
  • Pray for wisdom in tackling global issues, especially the migrant crisis and climate change.
UK satellite (NASA)

Praying for our nation’s social life

  • Pray that more Christians would be prepared to take positions of leadership in many spheres so that there will be a clearer Christian voice in our society.
  • Pray about the issue of loneliness in our society - for the many elderly people who are very isolated and for many younger people who may have many friends on social media but very few close and real friends.
  • Pray for those with long-term mental and physical health issues, that they will get the help, support and care they need. Pray for all those involved in long term support, whether friends and family, NHS staff, community and charity workers.
  • Pray for those who are homeless or in vulnerable housing situations, especially as winter approaches and for those offering practical help and support.
Southampton Above Bar Street

Praying for our nation’s spiritual life

  • The evidence of the brokenness of human nature is all around us in all classes of people. Addictions to pornography, alcohol, drugs are rife. 42 percent of marriages end in divorce. People are lonely and longing for community while at the same time rejecting it by presenting themselves through the avatar of social media. Pray that in their search for meaning and relationship, many will find Jesus.
  • We live in a post-Christian country. Church attendance is declining (from 10 million in the UK 1930 to 5 million today) and there is a growing atheism (only 28 percent of people now say they believe in any kind of god or higher power). And there is a growth in anti-theism (the view that if there is a God, He is not good but a type of Stalin in the sky who constantly invigilates the human race). Pray for a fresh work of the Holy Spirit to bring people to repentance and faith in the true and living God.
  • Praise God for gospel fruitfulness up and down the UK through mercy ministries like CAP and foodbanks. Pray that God will continue to provide and work through these ministries. 
  • Pray for churches to support and disciple Christians in their frontline, so they can be salt and light in the place God has called them to be for the most significant amount of time. 
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of the many people who will come through the doors of churches this Christmas. 





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