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10 January 2020

Great questions for January

Nick Berryman 2020 Nick Berryman Elder
Alpha Question Mark

“Have you heard of Alpha? Have you ever gone on an Alpha course? Would you like to come with me to Alpha after Christmas?”

These are good questions to ask over lunch at work, at the pub with a friend or chatting with your neighbour over the garden fence. Being part of an Alpha course is a great experience, whether you don’t know the first thing about Christianity or whether you have been coming to church for years.

I am very excited to be involved with this Alpha course, starting in January 2020, as it is 10 years since I first did an Alpha course, then as an atheist, questioning the claims of Christianity. 10 years on, Alpha is still an incredible experience, and I love being part of a team that welcomes people in over dinner, a short video, and then a chance for discussion about the claims of Christianity.

It still makes me smile to think of A, just a few years ago, who came to Alpha absolutely convinced that the claims of Christianity were not only false, but bad. Or N, who was brought along friends who are Above Bar Church members, who didn’t seem to engage with conversation much, but was quietly absorbing, processing, and for both, a few weeks after the Alpha course, came to faith in Jesus Christ, and have found new life in His name!

When I was invited to Alpha 10 years ago, I considered myself a “regular guy”, reasonably content, I had a job, a hobby, I certainly wasn’t in the market for a “religion” – and when I was invited to Alpha with a friend, I accepted. Do you know anybody that you could ask, and then bring along to Alpha? They might just say yes!

We will be running Alpha on Wednesday evenings from 15th January, 7-9pm, in Portswood. If you would like more info, would like to volunteer to cook a meal, would like to sign up to come along, then please get in touch at

To the Above Bar Church family, I have two requests of you:

  1. Could you please pray for this Alpha course? God answers prayer. Specifically, we are going to have 21 days of prayer for Alpha, based on Luke 11:2, “Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.” So that we pray ‘together’ can I ask you set an alarm at 11:02am tomorrow, for 21 days, up to and past the 1st day of Alpha, 15th January. If you can, put the names of 3 people on the reminder, then at 11:02, please pray Luke 11:2, Alpha generally, and for your 3 named people to come.
  2. Would you consider inviting someone you know come to Alpha this January? Maybe again – persistence works! Even better, would be if you could give up Wednesday evenings for a term, and actually bring that person to Alpha - We have seen that guests stick at the course and feel more at ease if there is a friend coming with them.



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