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2 February 2020

Why I am excited about the Mark Drama

Callom Harkrader 2019 Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
Mark Drama - Globe (1) - Mark Winterlin

Here are three reasons why I’m excited about the Mark Drama at Above Bar Church.

Above Bar Church plans to have two performances of the Mark Drama on 5th April (Palm Sunday). The first performance will be at 10.15am at Above Bar Church | East and the second will be at 6pm at Above Bar Church | City.

Here are three of the many reasons why I am very excited about this!

1. Our friends can come see the gospel!

“I can honestly and thankfully say that the Mark Drama was the most moving and powerful production I have had the privilege of witnessing in this small town.”

These are the words of Tom who was the theatre editor for The Saint, St. Andrews University’s student publication. You can read Tom’s full review here:

Tom became friends with Christians, started reading Mark’s Gospel through Uncover Mark, and then came to see this student production of the Mark Drama. Not long after he wrote this review he became a Christian.

The Mark Drama is every incident in Mark’s Gospel acted out in theatre-in-the-round by volunteers in the church. It isn’t about the special effects or professional acting— there are no special effects, props, or costumes.

The power is in the words of Jesus and the gospel. And in 90 minutes our friends (if we invite them and they come) will have seen Mark’s entire Gospel!

Mark Drama - Globe (2) - Mark Winterlin

2. Acting in it is a huge blessing to you and the church

For the Mark Drama to actually happen we need 15 volunteers (8 men, 7 women) to act in it. They do not have to be experienced in acting. They do not even have to consider themselves good at acting! They have to be willing to give it a go and want to see Jesus glorified.

There are huge incentives to be in the Mark Drama. First of all, being in the Mark Drama is the most intense, in-depth, and amazing Bible study you will ever do! It is a weekend of diving into the text and experiencing it in a way you haven’t before.

It is also an added advantage in getting your friends who aren’t Christians to come see it. It is easy to invite people to a drama and even easier to invite your friends to a drama you are in! How can they say no?!

Finally, volunteering in the Mark Drama team is also a huge blessing to the church because if we don’t get a team together we won’t be able to do the drama!

Mark Drama - Globe (3) - Mark Winterlin

3. The Mark Drama pairs perfectly with Uncover Mark

Last term most home groups studied Uncover Mark, which is a seeker Bible study that goes through Mark’s Gospel. If, like Tom from St. Andrews University, you come to see the Mark Drama and are moved by it you might well be intrigued about studying the script. It is a natural progression to invite your friend to investigate. Or if you have been discussing Uncover Mark with a friend it is also a natural invitation to say “would you like to see it dramatised?”

So please do come to the information session on 9th February from 4.15pm-5.45pm in the top hall at 69 Above Bar Street. Coming does not mean you are committing to being in the team – but please still mark your diaries for 5th April!

I am so excited to see what God does through the Mark Drama at Above Bar Church!

Photos courtesy of Mark Winterlin / The Globe Church



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