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7 May 2020

8 tips for online Sunday worship in families

Jane Watkins 2019 Jane Watkins Head of Children’s Ministry
Sunday worship online in families

Here are 8 tips for online Sunday worship in families.

1. Pray: for your children and their hearts; pray about what you’ll learn together through the service.

2. Set the expectation: let your family know on Saturday night that this is what you’re going to do together on Sunday. It can be hard work, but it is worth it. They will see and remember – beyond lock down – that coming together to worship God, even if online, is very important to you. 

3. Be prepared: use the resources in the Church at Home email to help you think about the passage with your family (choose the ones that are helpful for your family – you don’t have to do them all!). Read the passage (or just a few verses for very young children), practice the action song together, and get your Bibles, paper, and pens ready.

4. Be expectant and excited: talk about how you’re sad that we can’t be in the church building, but how amazing it is that technology enables us to still see our church family, sing the songs, hear from God’s Word, and pray together. Church is not a building, but rather it’s God’s incredible way of gathering people of all ages and stages to read His Word together, pray together, and sing together – even if it’s online.

5. Join in: with the singing (shake a shaker!), praying (encourage your children to listen quietly and say ‘amen’), opening the Bible together (let them bring their Bible or share yours), listening out for key points.

6. Don’t worry: it doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t listen to the whole service (I switch off sometimes!). The brilliant thing is that we’re an all-age church, united through the gospel, learning and worshipping together. They may not engage with everything, but they will remember bits and pieces, and they’ll ultimately remember that worshipping Jesus was important in their family.

7. Celebrate: when watching the service we see lots of faces – some they know and some they don’t. This shows them that there are many different people in their (church) family who have a shared faith and love in Jesus.

8. Keep trusting: God’s Spirit can work in all of our hearts even in the chaos of family worship!


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