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19 June 2020

The Ironman Challenge

Paul Webber 2019 Paul Webber Former Minister

Hey there, my name’s JJ, I’m 12 years old and during this past week I’ve been doing a kid-friendly triathlon called ‘The Ironman Challenge’.

Doing ‘The Ironman Challenge’ with me is a group of children, aged 1-13, aiming to raise money to give food to people in need in Southampton. Between us we set a target of completing a 3,860m swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42km run. But my teammates and I have smashed the aim - almost doing double of all our goals. That was not the only double which occurred – we also raised over twice our initial fundraising target.

Ironman Challenge - Clarks

The thing that motivated me was the exercise – and (most of all) supporting Big Breakfast at Above Bar Church as they respond to the Covid-19 crisis by giving meals to the people in most need across Southampton.

The volunteer team is doing some amazing work: they’ve already given out around 5,000 frozen meals and lunch boxes. The need is growing every day, but so is the scale of the generous donations of food. To be able to handle the huge quantity of food they need to buy and rent equipment, like commercial freezers, to store the food ready to distribute. 

Ironman Challenge - food

But just because we’ve stopped now doesn’t mean you still can’t sponsor us as there is much more to do in the months to come as more people struggle to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.



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