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23 October 2020

God’s power in unanswered prayer

Gill Wright Gill Wright
Gill Wright

Having heard recently of Gods power shown in answered prayed and miraculous healing of Lazlo from COVID 19, John has asked me to share about experiencing God when He says no to our prayers for healing of a loved one.

As many of you will remember, my darling husband Thompy died very suddenly last year after nearly 41 years of marriage. He had a heart attack which lead to cardiac arrest and severe brain damage. He died 9 days later after medical professionals decided to turn off his life support. Those 9 days were a roller coaster of ups and downs, hope and despair, yet a time when my family and I experienced so much of Gods power and provision in our lives, something which we continued to experience still.

Thompy was at formation school when his cardiac arrest occurred and it just ”happened” to be a session where many medical professionals were present and he received expert resuscitation until an ambulance arrived. He was transferred to hospital quickly and his prognosis was good at first. Many people were praying for his recovery and we felt hopeful as a family.

As days went by and various brain scans were done it became clear that Thompy had suffered severe brain damage and that he was not going to survive despite the prayers of so many people. How was God’s love and power being shown in those circumstances? I have many memories of the ways in which God showed His love and power during that time and even now, 17 months later.

Firstly, my three boys were given instant time off work for as long as they needed it and so were able to be with me in Southampton for the entire hospital stay and afterwards too. Also we were surrounded by such loving friends who fed us, loved us and prayed for us, cleaned my house, gave gifts of time and money and so much more. On the day that Thompy died, the nurse who was looking after him in intensive care was a Christian and she joined us as we prayed and played worship songs at Thompy’s bedside. Thompy was on the organ donor register and a good friend of ours who is a transplant surgeon from Oxford was on call that day and came to take any of Thompy’s organs that could be used. I was so aware of Gods love and power in working out those circumstances so that James could be there with us.

After Thompy’s death, love and support flowed in from people I knew well and from people I hardly knew at all. Every day, from that day till now, Gods power has enabled me to get up, get dressed and survive the day no matter how weak I felt and He has bought along just the right person at the right time to get me through some dreadful days. Friends and family have sat with me while I cried and taken me out and just been there for me. All of this is Gods power at work when I was too low to ask for help. God knows what I need and uses His power to provide for me daily. Isaiah 41v13 was a verse God gave to me soon after Thompy’s death. “For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you’” He is proving the truth of that verse for me daily.

The most amazing thing is that our youngest son Joe, has recommitted his life to Christ as a result of Thompy’s death. We had prayed for him for so many years and God showed us that nothing is impossible for Him.

I don’t know why God didn’t say yes to our prayers to heal Thompy. I know He could have healed him. I don’t know why he chose not to but I know that it was not through lack of power. I also know that I am experiencing Gods power every day to get through this difficult time as I continue to grieve for Thompy, sometimes to survive the day, sometimes to enjoy what the day brings, but always to know that God is with me.





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