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Sowing seeds

"On Friday nights Chris and Joe always go to the pub for father/son time. One Friday, a guy walked into the same pub and he and Joe clocked each other and realised they were friends in year 3 & 4. He came straight over and the first thing he said (after ‘Joe!’) was,

“You took me to that kids club at your church! Guess what mate…”

- and proceeded to tell his story.

His name is Charlie and he came regularly to WOW with Joe for about a year. Short version of his story: his family are atheists; he had a tough time at 6th form; he started considering God again after WOW input (his only experience so far of God). But after dropping out during his first year he put it out of his mind again and joined the army. He loved it for 4 years and got engaged to his then girlfriend, but found out she was cheating on him.

That was Easter this year. He woke up that Sunday and thought, ‘I need to go to church’! Not only that, but he messaged five other non-Christian mates and said ‘It’s Easter, let’s “do” church.’ They ALL went with him to a local CofE church in Bitterne Park. None of them had been to church before. Three are still going now! He said it was in that service he realised he needed Jesus. He also didn’t know that Christians just invited random strangers over for dinner, which is what happened and he thought it was weird! He has done Alpha, was baptised in June, and has registered his interest in being trained for ordination.

Now that’s the power of God in what happens at WOW & GSMA etc. It plants seeds in young kids and you just never know how they will grow.

What was absolutely brilliant was this: Joe’s response was, ‘I’m totally blown away. You’re the last person I thought would become a Christian, Charlie! Charlie said, ‘Yeah, that’s what God does. Now you should come with me on a Sunday – it would be great’, and told him all about the young professionals social group, etc."

Photo by Dương Trí on Unsplash



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