Saturday 1 December, 2018

2:30pm – 5pm

Saltmine Theatre Company: Hark! A nativity story

  • Venue: 69 Above Bar Street

The whole world is about to change . . . but first the forest of Greenwood is getting very crowded indeed.
Apprentice Angels are looking for a Shepherd, a Shepherd is searching for a lost Sheep and a disguised King is hunting for a very special Baby. Confusion reigns, identities mistaken and loyalties betrayed; will things ever get sorted out?
Come and see the story of the first Christmas as you’ve never seen it before. A charming, funny and enchanting re-telling of the Nativity story, jam-packed with beautiful music, audience participation and bags full of family fun. 

Doors open at 2.30pm for a 3pm start.
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Sunday 2 December, 2018

9:15am – 10:30am & 11:15am – 12:30pm

Happily ever after? God moves in

  • Service Type: Morning service
  • Speaker: Paul Webber
  • Bible: Exodus 35-40
  • Venue: 69 Above Bar Street
  • Categories Sundays, City

All welcome; with a creche and groups for children and young people.

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6:30pm – 8pm

Who is Jesus - really?

  • Service Type: Evening service
  • Speaker: John Risbridger
  • Bible: Mark 8:11-30
  • Venue: 69 Above Bar Street
  • Category Sundays

Communion service.

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Monday 3 December, 2018

1pm – 2pm

English Language Cafe

It is a great opportunity to meet new people and practise your English with others in a safe environment. If you or someone you know does not speak English as their first language, and would like to practise speaking it then we’d love you to come along!
The classes are every Monday 1-2pm. Tea and coffee are provided, as well as a creche being available. The class is 50p a session. We’d love to meet you!
For more information contact Ruth Spradbery on

Tuesday 4 December, 2018

10am – 12:30pm


  • Venue: Lounge and Auditorium
  • Category Children

Open to all pre-school children and their parents or carers 50p per family. You can find out more on the Poppin page

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Wednesday 5 December, 2018

10am – 11:45am

Women of the Word

  • Venue: Basement
  • Category Women

For all women.

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11am – 2:30pm


  • Venue: Top hall, Lounge and Auditorium
  • Category Over 50s

A twice-monthly group for everyone aged over 50. There is a prayer meeting for Cameo from 11.45am to 12.15pm. Then there’s lunch from 12.30pm, which costs £4. Please contact the church office by email or phone to book a lunch.

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Thursday 6 December, 2018

7pm – 8:30pm

The Box

  • Venue: Basement
  • Category Youth

For young people in school years 7 and 8. 

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7pm – 8:30pm


  • Venue: Chris and Becky’s
  • Category Youth

For everyone aged 15 to 18.

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7pm – 8:30pm


  • Venue: Basement
  • Category Youth

For all young people in school years 9 to 11.