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Children’s Ministry

Partnering with parents

We love partnering with parents to make and mature disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The children’s work is a key part of church life, so we work hard to make sure that the church’s vision and values are central to what we do.

The Above Bar Church children’s team feel privileged to continue to partner with parents and carers in the discipleship of our children, as Sunday gatherings including GSMA are unable to happen until further notice.

Each Friday we will send out an email with instructions and resources that will help your family to engage before, during and after the Sunday service. The email will contain a video message from one of the team to your family, activities for a variety of ages, questions about the Bible passage, song suggestions, and things to pray that could be used throughout the week.

We hope these materials will be a source of encouragement for your family over the weeks and months ahead. We are praying that God will do immeasurably more in our families than all we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:14-21).

If you would like to contact the Children’s ministry team, including if you would like to receive the Friday email, please email children@abovebarchurch.org.uk »


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