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Have you got questions about God and Christianity? Or are you looking for a church to grow your faith at Uni? Whatever your journey so far, we’re excited to meet you!

Many students returned to their family homes following the Coronavirus directions - but our ministry to them continues, thanks to technology.

Our midweek groups are running using Zoom, 121s have continued meeting, and Team Huddles continue. Sadly Sunday night pizza and games can’t happen. Although one student started a Minecraft server for our students to spend time together and another student hosted a quiz night. We’re also starting a Bible Overview Breakfast on Saturday mornings, which is something we’d seen as a need but the flexibility of isolation has made it possible to organise.

Students - Zoom prayer room

There’s a few things we’ve done to help process the recent changes. Daily from 1.30pm to 2pm we have our Prayer Room (on Zoom), where students are dropping in for half an hour of prayer for the current situation and for one another.

The Student Team are producing a series of 3 minute long informal videos speaking into different aspects of isolation (routine, taking a day off, being content, dealing with loss).

Our regular Hungry groups will also happen over Zoom, along with our Life After Uni preparation day, and other events.

To watch our videos and find out more about these events, join our Facebook group »

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We’ll share about what God is doing amongst our students

If you have any more questions you can email our student workers Tom and Beth:

Tom & Caitlin Wederell

Tom studied Chemistry in Southampton and is finishing an MA with Moorlands Bible College. He is married to Caitlin and leads our student ministry and 1-year Transform Program.

Beth Dev Square

Beth is a Trainee at Above Bar Church. She studied English in Southampton and she’s just finished year 1 of an MA at Moorlands. She’s proudly from Coventry and has a passion for spoken word!


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