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United Parents

Are you a single parent? United Parents (UP) is a Southampton-based Christian community of single parents from churches across the city. We usually have a variety of meetings every term, both with our children and without.

Up United Parents logoBeing a single parent and a Christian can sometimes be a challenging experience. It can be difficult to find where you “fit” in church, floating somewhere between families and single people. We often face personal challenges such as forgiveness, letting go of anger, and sometimes loneliness. There are further concerns such as getting your children through the separation process and life afterwards, all the while trying to keep them feeling safe and secure, and bringing them up in the Christian faith. Sometimes the other parent is totally absent, or possibly not a Christian; other times children have to adjust to two homes, and two different lifestyles between them. Other practical difficulties arise, often related to finances, childcare, and finding time for yourself, your personal life and your career.

Spiritually, there may be questions of understanding God’s purpose and why life may not have turned out how we had once planned.

UP is a safe and happy forum where you can find support, and build strong friendships with other people in a similar situation.

For more details, please contact Rebecca on 07751950799; email unitedparents@hotmail.com, or like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/united.parents.southampton


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