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Youth Mentoring Centre

in partnership with XLP

Our vision is to see vulnerable young people in Southampton benefit from a consistent, trusted and positive Christian role model who inspires and supports them in challenging circumstances, facilitating their personal growth and development.

The motivation

At Above Bar Church we fully believe that as Christians we have been blessed by God with the purpose of being a blessing to others. We are to show God’s love in word and deed to others regardless of their background, nationality or religious viewpoints. The Above Bar Church Youth Mentoring Centre is one of many expressions of this vision from the church family. Our material is based on resources by the award-winning charity XLP, which works in and around London.

XL Mentoring is their expression of youth ministry and we seek to adopt this model with their full permission and training as part of ours. This is a tried and tested model: XLM started in 2009 and has had 374 mentees, 422 mentors, 25 referring agencies and 92% reporting a positive change.

The research

  • 31% of NEET young people (of which there are 1.9 million in the UK) felt they had no one to talk to growing up. (Princes Trust Report January 2013)
  • 1 in 10 young people do not feel they can cope with day to day life. (Princes Trust Report January 2013)

The purpose of XLP mentoring

XLP want to see young people with:

  • A raised sense of self-worth, self-esteem and increased educational achievement, which helps them confidently and positively contribute to society.
  • Fresh goals and the desire to work hard to achieve them, and who are able to make wise lifestyle choices.
  • Positive attitudes and behaviours towards their communities: their families, peers, local residents, teachers and the police.
XLP Mentoring

How will it work?

Our centre will recruit and train willing volunteers who are able to give up to 2 hours per week to a young person for a minimum of 12 months. We will then receive referrals of mentees from other agencies who will apply to receive mentoring. Once we have found out a bit more about them we then match a mentee and mentor and provide ongoing support and accountability while the mentoring relationship develops. After one year we then (with permission) offer a youth alpha course or equivalent to give this young person an opportunity to ask the bigger questions in life.

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