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How to give

How and why we give as a church

giving worship

We are called to proclaim the gospel with our finances. Our attitude to money is key to our discipleship.

Because we are an independent church, members and other supporters provide the bulk of our finances, often through sacrificial giving. Jesus talks a lot about money; if our sermons reflected the proportion of time Jesus spent teaching about money, giving and generosity, we would preach on it once a month! We cannot separate our faith and our finances.

We give because we want to experience God’s blessing. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) It is a blessing when we receive, knowing that people are thinking about us and want to be generous to us.

But Jesus says there is even greater blessing, satisfaction, intimacy with God and flourishing in life by giving rather than receiving. Prosperity, according to the Bible, is not how much we accumulate but how much we give away.

Where giving goes

The money the church receives goes towards the whole range of our ministry activities. For instance: it provides materials for the children’s and youth work, it pays the salaries of the office and ministry team, it keeps the lights on (and much more!) in the church building, it helps support church members in difficult situations. We also support a number of church members in mission and organisations in Southampton which provide for people in need. You can contact the church treasurer if you’d like to find out more about where money given is spent.

How to give

Please pray and consider carefully what the Lord is saying to you about giving.

Ways to give:

  • In the offering in Sunday services in a Gift Aid envelope, if that is appropriate.
  • Online: one-off gift » | set up regular giving with a Direct Debit »
    When setting up a regular gift, select branch as “Above Bar Church” then choose the purpose “General”.)
  • Standing order: please download a standing order form and be sure to fill in the Gift Aid section if you are eligible, then return it to the church office. You will need to print it in order to sign it. This is the best way to give a regular gift - ask your bank to make this a regular payment.
  • Bank transfer: use account name Above Bar Church, account number: 00340448, and sort code: 55-81-26. To Gift Aid with online banking, download a Gift Aid form and return it to the church office. 

Please email giving@abovebarchurch.org.uk after starting giving so we can keep you up to date with how your money is being used. We would also like to send you a thank you gift to show our appreciation. Please let us know if you would prefer not to receive it. 

If you would like to consider setting aside a legacy to Above Bar Church, please email giving@abovebarchurch.org.uk

Excelling in the grace of giving

Here are 7 principles from 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, explained in John Stott’s The Grace of Giving:

  1. It is an expression of the grace of God: our giving shows that God’s grace has worked within us.
  2. It can be a gift of the Spirit: some Christians have a specific gift of being generous givers.
  3. It is inspired by the cross of Christ: our giving reflects Christ’s giving of himself.
  4. It contributes to equality: our giving reduces how much we have but increases the amount those in need have.
  5. It resembles a harvest: if we sow generously, we reap generously.
  6. It has symbolic significance: our giving shows that we look beyond racial, class, nationalistic preconceptions (in the case of the Corinthians it was symbolic that Gentiles gave to Jews).
  7. It promotes thanksgiving to God: people praise God when Christians meet their needs.

If you’d like to think more about giving, why not read our booklet on giving or The Grace of Giving (available from our book shop, or from 10ofthose.com). For a sermon on giving listen to Paul Webber’s helpful talk from September 2015, or watch the video below: