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The Refresh project is exciting, but it is also challenging. Can it happen? Yes – if we will pray.

The leadership team believes that the Lord is leading us into the Refresh project, and the church members' meeting in February gave very enthusiastic backing to the plan.

So we now have a responsibility to pray that the Lord would guide us, provide for us, and use us during the whole process. We need to humble ourselves before God, seek his face in repentance, seek his Spirit’s power, and throw our lives wide open to him so that we are ready to give our time, our gifts and our money sacrificially to make the vision a reality.

Opportunities to pray for Refresh

There are regular opportunities to pray for Refresh in the weekly prayer meetings on Sunday mornings and Monday lunchtimes, as well as our monthly prayer nights.

Please also make time to pray for this important project in your home groups, missional communities and other gatherings, as well as in your families and personal devotions.

What to pray for Refresh

Pray about developing our youth work

Pray for:

  • the young people within ABC to become fully committed followers of Jesus, and for many more to come to know him

  • Dan and Aaron and their team of volunteer leaders, as they develop the Rooted group to be more missional

  • the youth strategy group as they explore the best way of increasing youth worker staffing to the equivalent of a full-time post after Dan leaves this summer

Pray about developing our social action

Pray for:

  • a growing concern within Above Bar Church for the vulnerable and marginalised

  • the process of setting up a Christians Against Poverty debt centre

  • Ros Briggs, who has been appointed centre manager

  • volunteers to be willing and able to befriend and support clients as they start on the journey to become debt free

  • wisdom for how to publicise the new centre so that people in need will realise that there is help available

  • strong relationships within the ABC teams as we seek to respond to the needs of the people in the city around us

  • the right person to be the Social Action Development Worker to develop our social action ministries, support volunteers, and help integrate individuals into the church

Pray about developing our world mission work

Pray for:

  • new Sent Mission Partners to be sent out from the church every year

  • the Lord to be moving his people in Above Bar Church to pray for world mission, give towards it, and consider going to work from him in a new ‘frontline’

  • Chris Tuck and the Mission Projects Group as they work through changing legislation and codes of practice to ensure that our short-term mission trips operate in the best possible way

  • the short-term mission trip to Peñarroya, Spain, in July to work alongside our sent mission partners Peter and Kate Knowlson

Pray about plans to rejuvenate our church building

Pray for:

  • the building team as they listen to many people’s ideas and perspectives, and try to take account of as many as possible in their thinking

  • Jonathan Beer as he leads the building team

  • architect David Leighton as he works on designs

  • grace for all of us during this time of development and change

  • the Lord to provide all that we need to enable the work to go ahead

Other information

Other information about Refresh prayer requests will be included in the church prayer emails. If you would like to receive this, please contact the church office.


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