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Basics Bank

The current need is greater than ever. We are one of the five citywide food venues and provide volunteers, regular food and financial support.

Above Bar Church is a partner of Southampton City Mission in delivering this vital service to the city of Southampton. Each Monday, around 50 food parcels are distributed from our basement.

Southampton City Mission run Basics Bank to give out free food and clothes to those in need in Southampton. Our state benefit system is good, but often it cannot respond quickly enough for life’s crises. Southampton City Mission work with referral agents to provide emergency food and clothes provision for those who fall through the gaps in the benefit net.

How to find help

We have over 300 referral agents who issue our vouchers to people in need when they think it is appropriate. Social workers, health visitors, doctors, benefits offices, community workers, shelters, drop-ins, charities, churches and many others use our vouchers to give help to those they work with. We are not a direct access project; a client needs a valid voucher from a referral agent before we can help them.

Times and places:

Click here for a list of full addressses and maps.

How Basics Bank works

All of our food and clothes are donated by churches, schools, the public and businesses. We sort, store and make it available to our clients at various venues around the city on different days of the week.

Our staff and volunteers will be on hand to offer a cuppa and a chat while the food parcels are being prepared.

In 2010, Basics Bank fed people 5001 times and clothed people 1433 times. Basics Bank started in 1996 with a vision to meet the basic needs of people in the city.

How to contact Basics Bank

To apply for a voucher, phone 07929 641 755 or send an email to office@southamptoncitymission.co.uk

To find out more about volunteering, phone 023 8055 0435 or send an email to office@southamptoncitymission.co.uk or action@abovebarchurch.org.uk.