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Above Bar Church Sent Mission Partners

Members of Above Bar Church are involved in mission in the UK and beyond. The people on this page are some of those we have pledged to support particularly, but there are many others we love and pray for regularly, all around the world. You can read more about mission in Above Bar Church here.


David and Judy Couchman David and Judy Couchman
working with Focus in the UK

David and Judy live in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. David is involved in a communications ministry with Focus, using social media and online videos to explain and defend the Christian message to scientifically minded seekers and sceptics. The videos have been broadcast in Chinese, Russian, French and Spanish, as well as English. Focus’s vision is that, by the end of 2019, more than a million people will have watched these videos. So far, they’ve reached more than 360,000, not including satellite broadcasts and other people’s websites. You can find the videos through the Focus website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Find out more: Focus website


Adam and Kate Collett Adam and Kate Collett
working with The Navigators in Latvia

The Colletts are Above Bar Church’s most recently adopted Sent Mission Partners. They moved to Riga, Latvia, in 2017 to serve with the Navigator ministry. They are involved in evangelism through youth outreach camps and weekend events, as well as helping students and graduates to be established in their faith, equipping them to be disciple-makers. Their heart is to share the good news of hope that we have in Jesus and his Kingdom with the Latvian people.

Find out more: The Navigators

Peter and Kate Knowlson Peter and Kate Knowlson
working with European Christian Mission in Spain

Peter and Kate work with European Christian Mission (ECM) in the Alto Guadiato Valley in Southern Spain. After establishing a congregation in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, the Knowlsons have moved to Azuaga, where they plan to start another congregation. They intend to maintain the ministry in Peñarroya, and hope that the congregation will become more independent. Peter teaches Homiletics annually in a local seminary. The church has contact with people through a new children’s Sunday school, creative evangelism amongst women, a clothes recycling service and English classes.

Mission teams from Above Bar Church have visited the Knowlsons alternate years since 2006.

Link people: David and Pippa Trollope

Find out more: European Christian Mission

Becca Taylor (120x100) Becca Taylor
working with The Navigators in France

Becca lives near Loches, France. She works with The Navigators as part of a pioneering evangelical church plant. Her work involves evangelism, disciple-making, teaching the Bible, pastoral care, and community building. Becca has lived in France for some time, so has a great love of the culture, language, and the people.

Link people: Peter and Ruth Norbury

Find out more: Loches Evangelical Church | The Navigators


Zillah Whitehouse Zillah Whitehouse
working with Africa Inland Mission in Uganda

Zillah works with Africa Inland Mission in Mbarara, Uganda. The AIM team is committed to participating with the local church in building up future leaders and Christians committed to outreach. As a physiotherapist/lecturer, her time is focused around the hospital and Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Zillah attends St Luke’s Chapel, a dynamic church. She sees her role as living life with other lecturers, physiotherapists and students as they seek to know God more and explore His role for us as part of His mission.

Link people: Jackie Young, Esteban and Katie Prieto

Find out more: Africa Inland Mission


Poul and Carol Joensen Poul and Carol Joensen
working with New Tribes Mission in Papua New Guinea and UK

The Joensons work with New Tribes Mission among the Sorimi people in Papua New Guinea, and established a church in 2007. They translate the Bible, and teach the church, and literacy classes. Based at the New Tribes Mission UK headquarters in North Cotes, Lincolnshire, since 2013 to meet the children’s educational needs, Carol helps with students and staff childcare, while Poul focuses on translation and lesson-writing. Every six months, Poul plans a five-week trip to Sorimi. They are trusting the Lord for the completion of the New Testament around 2020, with a Bible teaching curriculum in their language.

Link people: Jon and Abi Barnes

Find out more: New Tribes Mission


Eddie and Sue ArthurEddie and Sue Arthur
working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Global Connections

Eddie and Sue have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators for over twenty years. For twelve years, they lived in Ivory Coast where they were part of the team translating the Bible for the Kouya people. Sue works as a translation consultant, training and advising Bible translators, mainly in Madagascar. She visits two or three times a year to help train and equip local translators who are working on the Gospels in a variety of local languages. Eddie is working on a PhD.

Link people: Martyn and Eve Bushell

Find out more: www.kouya.net | Wycliffe Bible Translators

Watkins family thumbnail Tony and Jane Watkins
working with Damaris Norway and the Lausanne Movement

Tony is a speaker and writer on media and the Bible, and is currently studying for a doctorate looking at the relationship between today’s media and the Old Testament prophets. He is the Network Co-ordinator for the Lausanne Media Engagement Network and visits Norway a few times a year to teach at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communications. He also speaks at conferences in the UK and Europe, and teaches the Old Testament prophets on the IFES Bible and Culture course. He is a regular contributor to UCB Radio. Jane is the Head of Children’s Ministry in Above Bar Church.

Find out more: Tony’s website | EngagingMedia.info – Lausanne Media Engagement Network