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World mission

Above Bar Church has a strong commitment to global mission. Four groups within the church look after various apects of our world mission involvement. 

The Above Bar Church World Mission Policy (2018) sets out our vision for global mission, the principles which guide our work, and the structure of the four world mission groups. You can download the policy here, or ask the church office for a copy.

World Mission Strategy Group (WMSG)

Members: Ian Castro, Rogelio Prieto-Durand, Jon Roberts, Graham Salmon, Bryan Stonehouse, Biddy Taylor, Tony Watkins, Paul Webber (chair)

The World Mission Strategy Group is responsible for:

  • staying up to date with developments in world mission thinking and practice
  • considering whether – and how – those ideas should become part of ABC’s own policies and practice
  • knowing what the other mission groups within ABC are doing (see below), ensuring that what we do as a church is joined up and effective
  • developing ways of identifying those whom God is calling ABC to set apart for mission service (whether short-term or long-term)
  • ensuring that the ABC Leadership Team knows what all four groups are doing, and that is able to agree specific actions or policy changes as appropriate

Mission Personnel Support Group (MPSG)

The Mission Personnel Support Group is responsible for:

  • all ABC’s Sent Mission Partners (SMPs) and Exploratory Mission Partners (EMPs)

  • providing personal and pastoral support to mission partners (especially through the ‘Buddy’ scheme), and ensuring an active sense of connection between them and the whole church family

  • liaising closely with the church treasurer in relation to world mission finances

  • developing and maintaining partnerships with the agencies with which mission partners are associated

  • advising those who are considering mission service (whether short-term or long-term), and working towards an agreed path for them working closely with the Mission Projects Group (see below)

Mission Projects Group (MPG)

The Mission Projects Group is responsible for:

  • encouraging and overseeing development of community projects with Sent Mission Partners and others
  • ensuring such projects follow the criteria laid down in the World Mission Policy
  • working (in partnership with MPSG) with people within the church who are considering short-term mission activity, identifying possible work and helping to establish appropriate teams

World Mission Breakfast

Led by Biddy Taylor

The World Mission Breakfast is a community for those who are interested in developing their involvement in world mission. We eat, discuss mission, share our stories, and pray for each other.

World Mission Prayer Groups

There are a number of prayer groups within Above Bar Church which are committed to pray regularly for specific areas of the world, mission agencies or Sent Mission Partners. New members of these groups are always very welcome. For more information on these groups, contact the office. The groups include:

  • Mark and Esther Dimond, and OM
  • Archie and Lara, and China
  • Friends International
  • Jewish people
  • Peter and Kate Knowlson, and Spain
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators