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Real Lives with Lara Buchanan

Is the Bible pro women?

Join us on 24th June as Real Lives goes online for a virtual discussion with Lara Buchanan from RZIM.

Does the Bible promote equality for women? Does Christianity value women equally? Is the Bible pro women?

Real Lives 2020 Event Image

Join Callom Harkrader as he sits down (virtually!) with Lara Buchanan of RZIM to explore all the questions above and more.

The event will be streamed live online and available to catch up afterwards. Details to follow but be sure to respond to our Facebook Event for the latest updates!

About Lara Buchanan

Lara Buchanan is an Itinerant speaker with the RZIM and the Zacharias Trust. Lara holds degrees in History, English Literature, and Education from the University of Cape Town as well as a Certificate in Theology and Apologetics through the OCCA and Oxford University. Lara’s hope is to develop connections with people from other cultures and religious backgrounds and to explore the deep questions of life and faith together in the context of friendship.