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Matt and Joyce Wan

Matt and Joyce have recently finished their time serving with Operation Mobilisation.

In September 2020, Matt & Joyce joined OM Ships International, on board MV Logos Hope. They were part of a team of 300 crew members from over 60 nationalities, working together to share knowledge, help and hope in each of the ports they visited. The ship’s aim: to encourage and spur on local churches to reach their communities with the good news of Jesus, as well as directly reaching out to those who don’t know him yet.

Matt was working as an engineer to look after a team who ensure the smooth running of all things technical outside the engine room (such as fresh water distribution, heating/ventilation/AC services, sewage management etc).

Joyce was part of the Training and Development team on board, helping to lead the children’s and youth teams, serving the families on board.

Together, they were also involved with equipping and discipling crew members whilst on board. This included helping young adults to read, understand, and apply the Bible, as well as helping others to think through how they can faithfully live for Christ in various contexts beyond the ship.

Have a look at their video to hear their reflections on how they have seen God at work during this time.

Matt and Joyce