What We Believe

At Above Bar Church we want to provide a place in which people can ask their questions, wherever they are on their faith journey.

There are as many questions as there are people, but here are three which are especially important.

What’s The Message?

You could sum up the core message of Christianity like this:

  1. There is a God, who made everything including us; he longs for us to know him in a relationship of love.
  2. We have turned our backs on him and decided to go our own way, which means we don’t know him and are guilty of rejecting the One we owe everything to.
  3. God showed his love to us by coming into our world in the person of Jesus; when he died on the cross he paid the price for our rejection of God.
  4. Jesus rose from the dead, so we can talk to him and ask him to forgive us because of what he did on the cross.
  5. So the friendship with God which we were created to enjoy can be experienced by anyone who trusts in what Jesus has done!

Is It True?

People rightly want to know why they should believe a message like this. OK, the Bible says it, but who says the Bible is true? How do we know there’s a God at all? And why all this fuss about Jesus?

We don’t think people should switch their brains off to become Christians! At Above Bar Church we think there are good answers to the questions which honest people ask. So we’re not shocked when questions get thrown at us. That’s one reason we run courses for people exploring Christianity. It’s a great way to see if there are answers.

Or if you don’t want to go to a course, just come in on a Sunday and ask someone your question.

Does It Matter?

We think it does. If this message isn’t true, then Christians all round the world are fooling themselves and Above Bar Church should close its doors as soon as possible. But if it is true, then it’s possible to know God and to experience him in every part of life.

There are lots of people at Above Bar Church from many different backgrounds. We all have different stories about how we came to know God’s love for us personally.