Big Difference Terms and Conditions

Please read the below carefully

By submitting the completed referral form, you confirm that yourself or both you and the named beneficiary of a Big Difference food parcel have read and understand all terms and conditions below. As a referral agent or by referring yourself to The Big Difference you agree to abide by the terms of your referral agreement.

Privacy and Data

  • The information given on the form must be true and correct, any information falsely given or with the intention of fraud will result in the referral being withdrawn and may prevent the client being able to access our service in the future. The Big Difference reserves the right to contact agencies to verify or gather additional information to support the referral or accurately signpost.
  • The Big Difference is committed to protecting your privacy and will process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For details on how The Big Difference collects information to keep in touch with you and what we do with your information, please see our privacy policy on the Above Bar Church website.

Food and Provisions

  • Each referral will provide an emergency food parcel which contains food suitable for three meals a day for three days for the household. All food provided has been donated by the public, supporters or purchased by The Big Difference and there is no guarantee of any specific items.
  • The Big Difference does not take any responsibility for any allergies which may be aggravated by ingredients in any of the food or other items provided.
  • The Big Difference also distributes fresh foods, these items are visually assessed for quality and we cannot guarantee the storage or preparation prior to delivery to the client. Clients are to assess the suitability themselves of the fresh foods donated and dispose of anything they feel is not suitable.
  • Emergency Food Provision vouchers can be redeemed within 7 days, after this they become void and will not be reissued. The vouchers are to be used by the person referred to by Street Pastors or Hampshire police. The voucher is for a sandwich, sausage roll/slice, cake and drink (if yoghurt or fruit is available then that is also offered). Vouchers remain the property of The Big Difference and must be used for the clients named on the referral.

Delivery of food parcels

  • The Big Difference is registered with SCC environmental health and has permission to distribute food.
  • Food parcels will generally be delivered on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday between the hours of 10am and 2.00pm. Food parcels may be delivered outside of these times. We have a small team of volunteer drivers and so request that Community groups, schools and charities collect food parcels and/or fresh produce directly from Above Bar Church Ogle road entrance. Pickups are available from Monday to Friday 9 to 3.
  • If the beneficiary is not in at the time of delivery and alternative arrangements have not been agreed, the client will be required to contact The Big Difference to rearrange delivery. Repeated non-delivery without notice may result in our service being withdrawn.
  • The Big Difference drivers are all volunteers and have been through a safer recruitment process.
  • Deliveries are to the client’s home address and to the external door, drivers are not required to enter a property to complete the delivery.
  • Above Bar Church is a registered charity, The Big Difference is a ministry of the church and is staffed by volunteers, clients do not have an automatic right to our service, it is offered by an external referral agent subject to the beneficiary meeting our criteria and engaging with the agent to address the short-term crisis that removes finances from the food budget.
  • Disruptive, threatening or violent behaviour against volunteers will not be tolerated. Any person who engages in violent or threatening behaviour, or uses any electronic means to make a threat against a staff member or volunteer may have their referral cancelled and may be barred from any future use of the service and the actions may lead to criminal prosecution as appropriate.

The Big Difference reserves the right to refuse or limit any referral submitted.

Sanjay Mall

Head of The Big Difference

March 2021